AOL Sessions: Matthew Morrison!
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Summer RainSomewhere Over The RainbowMy NameStill Got TonightDon’t Stand So Close To Me/Young GirlInterviewFull InterviewAfter years of cutting his teeth on Broadway with parts in ‘Hairspray’ and ‘The Light in the Piazza,’ for which he received a Tony nomination, Matthew Morrison shot to fame with his role as teacher Will Schuester on Fox’s breakout TV series ‘Glee.’ Having conquered the stage and television, Morrison is now ready to take over the radio with his self-titled debut album, due out on May 10.At his Sessions performance at AOL’s Beverly Hills studio, Morrison was playful, pretending not to know who Elton John was, and joking about how “sexy” playing the ukulele is. Already in a good mood, he brightened even more when we broke the news that his first single, ‘Summer Rain,’ had just debuted on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart, marking his first appearance as a solo artist on the charts.In ‘Summer Rain’ you sing about having sex on the roof. Is it a true story?Well, yes, it is a true story. I was living in New York in my early 20s and my girlfriend at the time and I were up on my apartment roof on 51st and 9th Ave. It was a beautiful summer day and it just all of a sudden started raining. We ran to go inside and we didn’t quite make it inside. The moment just kind of took us and if my 16-year-old self knew I was going to have a moment like that in my life, he would be so stoked [laughs]. A lot of people are saying “Matt Morrison likes to have sex in public,” or whatever but for me, it was a beautiful moment about being in love in New York City.Has she heard the song?Yeah, I made sure she liked it before I put it on the album.What do you want people to learn about you from this album?Going into this album I thought it was really important that I write a lot of the songs myself because I felt like if I just did a bunch of covers it would just be another ‘Glee’ album. When I first started I actually wanted to make a record about my time in New York in my 20s and I wanted to have a Michael Bubl

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