Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) may be a HUGE fan of the Real Housewives, but a couple of her Glee co-stars seem a bit less engaged with the franchise. Wetpaint Entertainment ran into Cory Monteith (Finn) and Matthew Morrison (Will) at the Fox party at the Television Critics Association gathering this week. Asked about the upcoming storyline with Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes, Matthew admitted that when he first heard about it, “I didn’t know who NeNe was. I don’t watch reality TV.”After we pretty much fell on the floor at that revelation, Matthew politely waited for us to get up before continuing, “The kids really wanted her to be on. Everyone was so excited. I’ve yet to meet her, but I hear she’s great. She plays an arch-nemesis of Sue Sylvester. They’re both coaches.” Cory, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to talk about Glee’s upcoming Michael Jackson tribute episode. “You can’t have grown up in the 1980s like I did without Michael Jackson being a large part of what your musical life was,” he said. […]Matthew Morrison was equally enthusiastic about the upcoming MJ episode: “This is my favorite tribute episode. I wasn’t that into Madonna or Britney Spears. This tribute was awesome.”So what is Matthew’s favorite MJ song? That would the Michael classic, “Beat It.” “It was popular when I was in elementary school. It was a great song, and it brought me to the Michael Jackson world.” Source—–What does Matt think of NBC’s new show, “Smash”?Broadway-star-cum-“Glee”-lead Matthew Morrison says he’s seen the pilot for NBC’s forthcoming “Smash” series about a musical in the making on the Great White Way. Is it an authentic representation of the real world of Broadway? “Yeah, it is,” he declares. “I’m actually interested to see more of it, to see what happens. All my friends are involved in that show.”Source

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