What an amazing Saturday I had with my folks at the PNC Pops Pittsburgh Symphony show featuring Matthew Morrison on Saturday. If you are a Matt fan or a GLEEK fan then you were probably there at one of the four shows he did.He talked to Bubba Show exclusively on Friday about how nervous he was for his first show, how much Adam Levine loves broadway music and he sang “Return Of The Mack” by Mark Morrison for us. Hear it all here.My parents bought tickets to go to the show Saturday and I was lucky enough to be able to go backstage with them to meet him after the show. (Thank you Carrie, Cassie and Claire) There was only about 10 people in a small room at Heinz Hall and he came in about 15 minutes after the show ended and spent about 25 minutes talking with us all, taking pictures and signing autographs.What I noticed immediately about Matthew (or as he introduced himself..”Hi, I’m Matt and you are?”) is how laid back he was and down to earth. No bodyguards. No people (besides his nice manager). Sweats, tea in his hand and a sexy white t-shirt. He came up to me & my folks first and chatted about the interview he did with us on Bubba Show, THANKED me 2 times for letting 100.7 interview him. Really? Thanking US? How about thank YOU for being so damn cool.He proceeded to talk to my Mom who is a retired school teacher and former drama coach about the arts. He then shook my Dad’s hand and called him my Mom’s name as a joke. We talked GLEE. We talked the show. We talked how we were fans & he talked about loving how we were huge fans. He thanked my Mom for realizing how important it is as a retired school teacher to keep arts alive in schools and colleges.He then worked around the small room and talked 5 minutes or more with each small group and took pictures with each and every group. After he was done, he came back over to me and my folks. We didn’t ask for a picture the first time around and I was NOT going to let this man leave the room without a memory with a photo. So, my folks stepped back and let me get in alone with him. When I asked my folks to join me, he said “Melanie..let’s do one of just us together first for 100.7 and your website and then we can do one with all of us with your folks.” Um. Ok. Yea. Here is the group photo of us. My parents were geeked. Can you tell?He started laughing with my Mom because my Mom referred to “photo bombing” a picture. Matthew laughed so hard that my Mom said that and was like “Melanie..you have a really cool, hip Mom that can reference stuff like that. I love it.”We talked about his song choices and he told me TWO things that I swore to secrecy I wouldn’t say. He knew I was in the media and on radio and really couldn’t talk about the huge news yet. One of the secrets he told me literally almost made me faint. Something Matt is working on is HUGE. He is releasing that new CD by years end too, so look for that. He signed with Adam Levine’s record label.If you missed the show this weekend, I learned a lot about Matthew. He was 2 years old when he went to live with his grandparents. He then talked about everyone having THREE life days in their life. Days where you look back and the path and choice you took brought you to the greatness of where you are today.His 1st life day was being accepted into Orange County HS performing arts. His 2nd life day was being accepted to NYU & his 3rd life day was being mailed the script to GLEE. He was going to go on a full soccer scholarship to the Airforce, but his life paths and choices were altered. He tried Footloose on broadway and then Hairspray is where he got his big break.He then brought out his beautiful girlfriend to do a duet of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Her name is Renee Puente. Here they are from a few months back.What was really cool too is that Matthew has known Brad Ellis (Glee’s piano player in the background of every episode) for years and he brought him on tour with him as his piano player. Awesome!Matthew got a standing ovation TWICE and he came back out to perform his last song from a Chorus Line.Source

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