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Name: Matthew James Morrison

Date and place of birth: October 30 1978 in Fort Ord, CA

Hair: dark blonde

Eyes: hazel green

Height: 6” (1.83 m)

Relationship Status: Married (since October 18, 2014)



Nicknames: Matty, Matty Fresh, Fresh, Matty Two Steps, Matt, Bunny (only from friend Marissa Jaret Winokur)

He is an only child and recalls his childhood as “kind of lonely”.

Big Mets fan since childhood.

Became a Steelers fan after meeting his college roommate and friend Ed, who is a big supporter himself.

Attended Los Alamitos High School and Orange High School of the Arts (Ochsa) in the afternoons. Even back then he was lead in most musicals.

Matthew is allergic to cats and loves dogs.

Briefly dated actress Kristen Bell when they were both attending NYU.

Dated softball player Amanda Freed in his early twenties.

Started dating actress Chrishell Stause in 2005; got engaged to her in December 2006; they broke up in Fall 2007.

Started dating Hawaiian model and singer Renee Puente since spring 2011; they have adopted a rescue horse together. They got engaged in May 2013 during a vacation in Maui, HI. They got married in Maui, HI, on October 18, 2014.

Matt has been in five boybands in his life: three of them were fake: Fresh Step for a segment on the David Letterman Show, Boys R Us in the movie Marci X and a boyband called Tuff Boyz for a Donkin’ Donuts commercial.

Hated his time in a boyband so much he calls LMNT “Lament”.

The secret of his curls? A shower and six squirts of Lubriderm. Yes. The body lotion.

Favorite food: pasta.

Favorite animal: kangaroo.

Favorite musical: Assassins

Favorite actor: James Dean

Favorite movies: Goonies and Shawshawk Redemption

Was a big soccer star in high school and had to decide in his junior year whether to pursue the arts or sports. Credits his teacher Ralph Opacic, now OCHSA principal, as his main influence in choosing the arts.

Was Prom King and Senior Class President in high school.

He’s best friends with Marissa Jaret Winokur, who was also his co-star in Hairspray.

Earns 55,000$ for each Glee episode.

Placed a porcelain weiner dog in the choir room on the set of Glee as a homage to his high school English teacher, Phil Dorin, who collects them.

Learnt to play the ukulele for his Glee audition; first played “Somewhere over the rainbow” to Marissa Winokur’s newborn son, Zev, in 2008.

Took up boxing when he was in college, and even had a few boxing matches with his roommate.

He loves extreme sports and first tried skydiving when he was in Seattle for the Hairspray previews; has done it many times after that.

Did a musical with Jodie Sweetin (Full House’s Stephanie Tanner) while attending OCHSA.

Used to have a Curious George stuffed animal he brought everywhere with him.

Has four tattoos: a spur on the outside of each ankle as a homage to John Wayne, a “BB” tattoo after his best friend’s initials, when he lost a bet to him, and a Chinese symbol on the small of his back (that is in the process of being removed).

Karaoke song: “Baby got back” by Sir Mix-a-lot

Defines Elton John as his “musical hero”.

Was part of a “gang” in Orange County in his junior year of high school; his tag name was “Skyler” – like the girl he liked back then.

Delivered two babies in his senior year of high school, during a “Take your kid to work” day: Matt’s dad Thomas is one of 50 male midwives in the United States.

Among the Glee girls characters, he says he would have dated Quinn in high school. His high school girlfriend was similar to Quinn, in fact. He went to church with her and they never had sex. He says she pushed him to apply to NYU in his senior year.

Runs about 40 miles per week.

Never graduated NYU: during his sophmore year he got cast in “Rocky Horror” and realized his training at OCHSA had been more intense than the one at Tisch School of the Arts.

Was awarded the ‘CAP21 Distinguished Alumni Award’ in April 2011 by NYU.

Loves cooking and says he can make a “mean chicken enchilada”.


Current Projects

American Horror Story: 1984
Release Date: September 18, 2019
Network: FX

The Greatest Dancer
Release Date: 2020
Network: BBC One

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