Who says Glee fans sometimes get a little crazy?Oh, that’s right. Everybody says that. It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point. Not that being a passionate fan is a bad thing…that’s what makes TV fun! And we’re right there with you, Gleeks.So when Glee hit New York last season, crowds flocked to the filming locations. And even after two seasons in the can, the Glee crew still gets taken aback by the fan support….MORE: Glee Season Three Promo: Wemma Lives! Slushies Fly! And Blaine Arrives!”I think everybody was surprised,” Cory Monteith says in this behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Glee’s season two finale. Executive producer Dante Di Loreto adds: “We were hoping people would be enthusiastic, but we didn’t know they’d be that enthusiastic.” Thankfully, Glee fans know when to scream in fan-girl ecstasy, and when to zip the lips to respect the filming. And Matthew Morrison really appreciates that, as he’ll tell you in the video.Source

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