Now that the dust has settled on New Directions’ time at Nationals, the wait is on until Season 3 of the Fox musical drama returns in the fall. To help tide you over, The Hollywood Reporter asked several cast members how they thought their characters would spend the summer vacation. Matthew Morrison: “Mr. Schue is single now so I think he would be focused on the glee club, gearing up some set lists and curriculum for next year. Maybe he’d also go to a singles’ resort or some all-inclusive resort to meet the next Mrs. Schuester,” he said with a laugh. “Personally I would want to hang out with Jane Lynch. But I don’t think Mr. Schuester would want to hang out with Sue Sylvester. I think Mr. Schuester would want to hang out with Emma (Jayma Mays) for the summer. Obviously.” Lea Michele: “Rachel would definitely be working at the community theater, probably doing one of their musicals that they do in the town,” the actress said. “And hanging out with Mercedes and Kurt.” Chris Colfer: “Kurt probably will develop his relationship with his boyfriend more,” he said. “He did say that he was going to write a musical about Kate Middleton’s sister, so I hope that happens.” Amber Riley: “I think [Mercedes] has a summer job. I want to say she works in a salon or in a dress shop. And she’d spend her free time with Kurt because she missed him while he was at another school.” Naya Rivera: “Hopefully [Santana] won’t get anymore plastic surgery! She’d probably go visit her people in Puerto Rico and she’d definitely try and take Brittany. For sure.” Heather Morris: “I imagine Brittany always taking a family vacation; maybe they go hike the Grand Canyon.” Cory Monteith: “Finn would go fishing.” Source

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