Buckeyes “Gleeked” out for Ohio’s Lt. Gov. and U.S. Senate candidate Lee Fisher (D) Saturday night as television star Matthew Morrison spoke to students at the OSU Union. Morrison, better known as Mr. Schuester on Glee, came to Ohio to emphasize the power of voting, while also inspiring everyone to sing Lee’s campaign tune.Glee provides an outlet every week for everyone’s inner high school insecurities to replay with humor and song. Similar to how the show’s uncertain glee club members find purpose and resolve together, Fisher is offering the same drive to his voters.Fisher began by focusing on the 1970 Kent State shootings, which he credited for his living each day fully and seeking a career serving the public. The enthusiasm that radiated off of Fisher was sent into the crowd when Morrison took the stage. Joking that he would pretend the crowd was here for him, Fisher’s playful mood set the stage for the Glee star.Before the celebrity of the hour closed the rally Fisher was prefaced by congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and candidate for Lt. Governor Yvette McGee Brown. Both women talked of confidence in Fisher and the need for students to be involved in politics, with Brown even got people shouting for politics. It was on that note that Morrison tied everything together.Speaking to the crowd outside the back of the Union, Morrison quoted James Dean and emphasized the need to find a voice in this world. In Dean’s words Morrison found political truth “only the gentle can truly be strong.” His relation to the gentle, small voice helped Morrison send his message home that every vote matters. Glee may be a show about finding strength in each voice, but Saturday night it was Morrison who gave an entire crowd reason to use theirs.The following is an exclusive interview obtained by UWeekly.UW: Why Ohio?MM: I think of all the fifty states, as the presidential election showed, this is one that cannot be overlooked. I also will be going to Pennsylvania.UW: How did you get involved with Fisher?MM: I met Lee at an event in California. When I heard him speak, it was like he was speaking to me.UW: So one stop on the agenda is McKinley High School. Does that feel like going to the McKinley on Glee?MM: I am excited. I haven’t been there; I don’t if it is going to be like my McKinley. We actually took ours from a school we shot in Burbank, but I am a Lima loser.UW: What’s the most important message you wanted to get across while you were here?MM: I think education. I think we need to keep going forward in all the strides we are taking towards that. Especially right now, with everything that is going on with bullying and stuff.UW: What do you want to see Fisher do in terms of the issues around bullying and gay marriage?MM: I think he is doing such a great job in just advocating right now. Right before this we were at an LGBT event for Ohio and the whole board was there. He is very progressive and I know he can do a lot.UW: Do you think he will also do a lot for arts and education?MM: That’s why I’m backing him. He promised me he would. That’s what I’m all about is arts education.UW: Is that your Mr. Schuester side?MM: It is. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the amazing public arts education that I had.UW: Would Glee ever do a political episode?MM: I think a lot of our episodes have been kind of political, we definitely touch on a lot of the issues that are going on.UW: If you had to choose a Glee song for Lee Fisher what would it be?MM: For Fisher? I think it would have to be going back to “Don’t Stop Believing.”UW: For the Gleeks, do you have a favorite moment?MM: There’s so many great moments on the show. I am so happy to be a part of a show that’s actually about something.UW: It’s kind of like Fisher said: We’re underdogs.MM: Absolutely. We are all underdogs.UW: What is Glee’s message in regards to that?MM: Well it is about the underdog and I think everyone in school, even the most popular person in school, is hiding feelings that they are working through.UW: Did you have that?MM: Absolutely, everyone still does. I still do a little bit.UW: How do you get Ohio State students to vote?MM: I learned a lot in the Obama campaign that my voice does matter. I think that everyone’s voice does matter. You know just one person; it could come down to one vote. Lee’s last race was so close. It came down to 1,000 votes, so it’s very important, so just get out there.Morrison is not the only one who relates to the little guy. Fisher’s message holds emphasis similar to Glee, showing a way for everyone to have a voice and be heard.UW: Are you a fan of Glee? What message do you have in regards to it?LF: I am a fan of Glee for a couple of reasons. Of course because Matthew’s a friend and because of the wonderful talent. But it’s more than that. My whole life I have talked to the underdog and I believe that the underdogs in society really need people who have voices. And Matthew has got a wonderful voice, but I would like to be another kind of voice in the U.S. Senate.Source

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