Matthew Morrison definitely isn’t preoccupied with the season finale of “Glee”.Just take his opening line in a same-day interview: “Oh. It’s Tuesday, isn’t it?”Known to the countless fans of the FOX series as Lima, Ohio high-school teacher and glee-club adviser Will “Mr. Schue” Schuester, the Broadway veteran (“Hairspray”) has a very full plate these days. His self-titled CD has just been released, and his summer concert tour includes nearly two dozen dates as a “special guest” of Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.Still, Morrison is very pleased with Tuesday’s (May 24) second-year-ending “Glee” story that takes Mr. Schue to New York with his New Directions singers for the hugely anticipated Nationals competition. It also finds him mulling leaving William McKinley High School behind for the Great White Way with longtime acquaintance April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth’s recurring character), a twist that has merged art and life for Morrison.”I hadn’t done much filming in New York,” he tells Zap2it. “I did an episode of ‘Sex and the City’ way back, but the atmosphere [of the ‘Glee’ finale] was a little freaky. It kind of scared some of us. We performed at open places like Central Park and Lincoln Center, and it was just very exposing. There were thousands of people there — but when they yelled ‘Action!,’ everyone was very quiet and respectful of our process. That’s a real testament to New Yorkers.”Morrison is especially happy the Season 2 “Glee” wrap-up lets him perform “Still Got Tonight,” the second single (after “Summer Rain”) from “Matthew Morrison.” He reflects, “Sometimes, I get asked what’s similar or different about me and Will. I knew right out of high school that I needed to be in New York, and I did everything in my power to get there.”I think Will probably had the same talent coming out of high school, but he didn’t have the same drive or the same confidence to get to New York. It sounds weird talking for my character, but it was so great to have him live out that dream and feel that moment. It was also surreal to be singing a song from my own album as Will … so all these worlds collided in this one great minute-and-a-half for me.”In and around his upcoming concert dates and a planned European vacation, Morrison will be in Washington, D.C., for PBS’ annual holiday special “A Capitol Fourth” Monday, July 4. He’ll share the stage at the United States Capitol with Steve Martin, Josh Groban and Little Richard, among others.And Morrison adds it’s more than possible he’ll turn up in the “Glee” 3-D concert movie slated for release in August, though he isn’t a part of the related tour. He confirms, “They want me to come in and do something.”Source

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