GLEE star Matthew Morrison has worked with some of the world’s hottest women – and shared a memorable on-screen kiss with Gwyneth Paltrow.

But the US actor, dancer and singer says he has a penchant for older women and LOVES Dame Helen Mirren, Arlene Phillips and Sun columnist Lorraine Kelly.

He says: “I absolutely love British women, particularly the accent. You always sound smarter than we are — and older British women are great.”

Matthew first met Dame Helen on the set of Glee, where he plays William Schuester. He says: “She is a beautiful woman and when you meet someone like that, especially a Dame, I can’t help but be in awe of her. She is very comedic and so sweet. She is a real woman and represents your country well, too.”

Arlene choreographed Matthew’s dance routine for the Olivier Awards in London last month. He says: “I heard that Arlene described me as ‘pure heaven’. I actually gave her hell because I got the moves wrong.”

He met his other crush, Lorraine, when he was a guest on Daybreak.
He says: “I have to say that I love that woman. “She is wonderful and so smart.”

Another person who Matthew is particularly fond of is his former Glee co-star Gwyneth.

At one point rumours surfaced that there was more going on between them when they were spotted in 2011 enjoying a dinner in London. But Matthew says it is a friendship, not a romance. He says: “Hey, yes we did have dinner but we are friends. At the time me and Gwyneth did laugh about it.”

Matthew says the pair had “great chemistry” from the time they first met on set. He adds: “I do think that Gwyneth is hot.

Matthew admits he has felt lonely while promoting his new album, Where It All Began, in the UK as he’s had to leave his girlfriend of three years, model and singer Renee Puente, at home. He says: “She was shooting a commercial so sadly couldn’t come but hey, I caught up with some Royals.”
The star was seen partying with Princess Beatrice during his visit.

So could Renee be wearing a ring any time soon?
“I love her so much,” gushes Matthew. “I am someone who wants to be married. I want to have a wife and that is definitely on the cards.”

Matthew also says he’d like to become a dad in the future.

He reveals: “I made this movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting and I had never heard of this term before. I kept getting asked, ‘Has it made you broody?’

“I want to be a father but I want to make sure that I am in the right place to be the best father than I can be. It’s kind of hard because you don’t know what your next job is going to be. I have got another two series of Glee that will take me to 2015.”

Matthew was once engaged to US actress Chrishell Stause but she broke off their plans to wed because she believed he had been cheating with Glee’s Lea Michele.

He says: “I was only 26 when I proposed. I was in love with Chrishell but it didn’t work. But she is an amazing person and we still talk.” And has there ever been any romance between him and Lea?

He says: “We were friends before Glee and we were on Broadway together and we are very close but we have known one another for a long time.”

Matthew doesn’t have any trouble with being in the limelight. He says: “I think the thing that helped me the most is that I had ten years on Broadway before I got Glee when I was 30 and I went through all those years of hanging out in bars. I am such a homebody now.”

Happy to settle in to a life of domesticity, it seems Matthew is content to put his womanising days behind him.

He says: “There have been reports that I am gay but that’s not the case. “Is it because of the nimble dance moves? I’m not sure.”
Citing Gene Kelly as his “all-time ultimate idol”, Matthew explains why Singin’ In The Rain is included on his new album.

He says: “I grew up watching him dance and act and even before I made my first album I knew that I wanted to cover one of his songs. I am never going to be able to dance like him. I can try my very best but I won’t match up.”

– Where It All Began is released on June 17.

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