The worlds of two of Fox’s musical giants are colliding: Glee‘s Matthew Morrison and American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen have collaborated on Morrison’s second single, “Still Got Tonight,” off Morrison’s solo album due May 10.So how did these two superstars get together? Call it a happy accident. Allen originally wrote “Still Got Tonight” years ago, with songwriters Andrew Frampton and Steve Kipner, but ended up not using the track. Morrison then wound up working with Frampton and Kipner on his upcoming album and they brought the song to the Glee star. But Morrison didn’t realize that Allen was also involved in the song’s creation. “The funny thing is I didn’t even know he wrote on it,” says Morrison. “Steve and Andrew said they had this song and I heard it and I was like ‘Oh my God this song is incredible.’ I just put down a vocal on it. The first I heard about [Kris’ involvement] was he tweeted it that he had a song on my record.”Adds Allen, “I got an email a couple weeks ago from one of the guys and it said, ‘Hey man, we’re gonna get this new song on the Matthew Morrison record.’ And they said it was going to be the next single so it was pretty exciting.” The two singers finally met for the first time this week on the set of Glee. “He’s a really cool guy,” says Morrison of Allen. “Really kind of just down-home, a down to earth Arkansas guy.”For Morrison, it’s a chance to display a more emotional sound compared to his first single, “Summer Rain.” Says the actor, “For me, I love how my voice is just different on this song. I kind of try and rough it up a little bit more. I don’t have that rock voice in me innately but, when I have to dig deep, I’ll go for it.” Source

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