The actor talks his upcoming solo tour and the changes in Will SchuesterHow do you follow the thrills of the Super Bowl? Well, if you’re GLEE, you do an episode featuring Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller” which airs tonight on Fox right after the big Super Bowl game.If you’re Matthew Morrison, who stars on GLEE as dedicated high school teacher and glee club champion Will [“Schue”] Schuester, this is one more exciting moment in a ride that has seen world tours and two consecutive years presenting at the Kennedy Center Honors at the White House.Here’s his thoughts on the fortunes GLEE has brought him creatively and career-wise and where Mr. Schuester will be heading during the latter part of Season Two.ASSIGNMENT X: Are you seeing the enormous success of GLEE as something you’re enjoying in itself, or are you also seeing it as sort of a career booster outside of GLEE?MATTHEW MORRISON: I think any actor kind of wants to have one project lead to the next, so honestly, it’s not wasted on me that the show is amazing and it’s really done a lot for my career, as someone who’s just done a bunch of Broadway shows to now being of the global stage, so it’s not lost on me at all.AX: Is Broadway coming to you and saying, “Hey, during your hiatus, would you like to headline …?”MORRISON: From doing seven Broadway shows in the past, it would be impossible to do a show on my hiatus, since it’s only two and a half months and it takes at least a month just to put up a show.AX: Do you know what you’ll be doing during the upcoming hiatus?MORRISON: I’m actually going on a world tour this hiatus, with my debut album that’s coming out.AX: What style of music?MORRISON: The stuff you hear in porn, just straight-up hardcore porn [laughs]. No, it’s very eclectic. I try to reach the GLEE audience, which is pop, adult contemporary

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