Matthew Morrison has a nickname for new pal Elton John: “Spoiler Alert.”A duet between the Glee star and the flamboyant British rocker on Morrison’s forthcoming solo album was supposed to stay super-secret. That is, until John opened his mouth.Still, Morrison bears anything but hard feelings. “It was such an amazing experience,” he says of the team-up on the album, which will be released in May. “We were in the studio, I’m singing and there’s Elton John next to me. What a trip! He’s just incredible. I just feel lucky and fortunate to be associated with him.”Working with talented singers is a daily thing for the Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actor who stars on Glee as Mr. Schuester, the good-hearted music teacher in charge of the charismatic and colorful students of New Directions – and foil to Jane Lynch’s deliciously snarky cheerleading coach. It’s been a breakthrough TV role for Morrison, a former Broadway veteran who starred in the likes of Hairspray, Footloose and The Rocky Horror Show.We recently had a chance to talk with Morrison about the show and his career:Do you enjoy the extra recognition that comes with a hit show?Yes and no. It was really cool for the first two weeks. I was like, “Whoa, man! This is awesome.” But that whole thing of everyone coming up to you every second of the day, that starts to wear thin. It’s an amazing problem to have. You just have to make boundaries for yourself. I have to live my own life, too. I’m very gracious to all my fans. Only if I’m working out or eating food is the only time where I say I’m not going to take pictures or sign anything.Describe your solo album in one word.Awesome. [Laughs.] It’s a labor of love. I’m at the point where I’m just ready to let go. I put a lot into it and it’s great learning the whole songwriting process and what that’s about. I have such a respect for that, as well as getting to work with some really fantastic songwriters and other singers like Elton.Can you say anything about what’s coming up on Glee?Some really cool stuff coming up with Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste [played by Dot-Marie Jones]. He hasn’t really had a best friend before, so that’s turning out to be a really cool friendship that’s going on there. She’s such a fantastic actress and we have a ball together. She’s so easy to work with and so different. The underlying theme of Glee is that underdog story, and they get these characters and they cast these people so perfectly. I’m just so proud of what our show says and stands for.Since Elton spilled the beans on your duet, will he at least stop by for an episode of Glee to make up for it?We’re working on that one. He’s busy being a dad right now. He’s put a lot of focus into that.Source

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