The ratings are down and the once deafening buzz has faded, so Matthew Morrison was as surprised as anyone that Fox recently renewed the high school musical series “Glee” for not one, but two more seasons.

“I don’t think it’s what it used to be the first couple of seasons, but internationally it’s still one of the biggest shows around,” Morrison told the Track. “I wasn’t surprised it was renewed, but I was surprised that they renewed the second year right away.”

Morrison, in town for two shows with the Boston Pops, said he believes “Glee” has made the grade while other TV musicals die (see “Smash”) and struggle (“Nashville”) because the audience still loves Will, Rachel, Kurt & Co.

“There’s such a connection to these characters,” he said. “People truly love them. And every now and then we tackle some really great issues. This year, we did a school shooting. We’ve done teen pregnancy, being gay in high school. I think it’s great for families to watch the show together then have a conversation about the issues afterwards.”

Morrison, who plays New Directions coach Will Schuester in “Glee,” will spend his summer vacation from McKinley High performing solo and promoting his new album of standards, “Where It All Began,” out next week.

“These are songs I grew up listening to, and I love to sing — especially with an incredible 60-piece band behind me,” he said.

Morrison’s two shows at Symphony Hall — last night and tonight — mark the third time he’s performed with the Pops.

“Keith Lockhart and I are buddies, and it’s great to see him,” Morrison said. “And I’m singing with my favorite orchestra of all time.”

As for the next two seasons of “Glee,” he said he has no idea what the writers have in store, but he hopes Will and Emma — who just tied the knot on the show — will become parents.

“I’d like to see him have some kids,” Morrison said. “It would bring a whole new dynamic to the show. And I think we all want to see Will happy.”

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