It’s been a week since New Directions failed to make the cut at Nationals during Glee’s Season 2 finale. And there’s still two weeks to go before the June 12 premiere of Oxygen’s The Glee Project helps you get through the long summer months until Glee’s third season begins in the fall. To feed your Glee fix, The Hollywood Reporter checked in with a few of the cast members to see what their favorite musical highlights were for the recently concluded season.Chris Colfer: “ ‘As If We Never Said Goodbye,’ was my favorite solo I’ve done and it was my idea,” he said of the song from Sunset Boulevard that was featured during the “Born This Way” episode. “I asked Ryan to let me do it because I think the words are perfect for [Kurt returning to McKinley High] and I love Sunset Boulevard when Norma Desmond returns to the studio. Something about it is perfect and he agreed.”Lea Michele: “My favorite song that I did this year was ‘Get Happy’/‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ with Chris,” she said of the Judy Garland/Barbra Streisand mashup featured in “Duets.” “The song felt very Glee to me and just getting to sing with him and being Barbra and Judy, it was kind of everything that I love and that is close to my heart. I cried every single take because it was so emotional.”Heather Morris: “I genuinely can’t stop listening to Kevin McHale’s Fleetwood Mac version of ‘Never Going Back Again,’ ” she said of the cover featured in the “Rumours” installment.Naya Rivera: “I had a great time with ‘Valerie,’ ” she said of the Amy Winehouse number featured during the “Special Education” episode. “That was one of my favorite songs.”Matthew Morrison: “My favorite song is ‘Hell to the No’ that Mercedes [Amber Riley] sang. It was such a great, catchy song. Also ‘Trouty Mouth’ [performed by Naya Rivera],” he said of the tracks written specifically for the “Original Song” episode. “They’re really novelty numbers that ended up being these great, funny numbers that I just can’t get out of my head.”Source

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