Will Emma (Jayma Mays) have to scrub the aisle with a toothbrush before walking down it? These are the types of questions Glee fans will have to think about real soon, because it’s a nice day for a very clean wedding.We just chatted with Matthew Morrison about Wemma’s future and his big directorial debut in tonight’s Christmas episode, and let’s just say we can already picture Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) fighting over the bouquet…Before we got into Matt’s directing tactics, we bothered him about how Will has been on the back burner for the majority of this season, and we miss him! So, will we get more Sweater Vest Schuester soon? Oh, yeah.“Yes, you are,” he tells us happily. “When we come back from the break after the holidays it’s going to be a lot of Will and a lot of really great storylines. It’s already out there that the next episode is called “Proposal,” and there’s going to be a proposal in a way you’ve never seen or could have ever imagined in your life.” So Wemma fans should gird their loins?“Hard. Gird them hard,” Morrison orders. You heard the man, Wemma shippers! Gird those loins and get those panties in a bunch! Speaking of loins, Morrison has other ideas for Will and Emma storylines. “Emma and Will are living together and I just feel like there’s so much that could be done at home,” he says. “She’s still a virgin, so I think that would be a nice thing to do. [Laughs.] This is like the dirtiest interview ever!”Well, we did talk about loins a bit. So will we get that Wemma wedding this season? Morrison thinks all signs point to…hopefully! “That’d be kind of fun! That would be great.”As for tonight’s Christmas episode, which also marks his directorial debut, Morrison promises that it will be “one of the Glee greats.”“I had such a good time doing it and I think the whole cast and crew were so excited and so behind me. We all had a great time shooting this episode,” he says. “We have the black-and-white Christmas special within the Christmas special, and we’ve never done anything like that on Glee. All the Glee characters got to play a little more heightened, if you can imagine that. [Laughs.] It turned out so beautiful.”Not that it wasn’t challenging for him to direct and then hop in front of the camera to act. “That was a little weird. They wrote me kind of light, thank God, in this episode,” Morrison tells us. “I would go do a scene and then I finished talking and then I’d say, ‘all right, cut!’ [Laughs.] I’d cut myself. But [tonight’s episode] is really about the Christmas spirit and giving up all pretenses and being joyous. And that’s what Christmas is all about.”All you Wemma fans want for Christmas is a wedding, right? Well, if you were nice this year, Santa Murphy might just make your wish come true.Matt’s directorial debut, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox.Source

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