In tonight’s episode of Glee, “The end of Twerk,” a video of Blaine went viral and caused a twerking craze throughout the school. Not everyone was down with the vulgar dance move, though, and soon there was a campaign to put an end to twerking. Before that can happen, though, the students and teachers let loose with some pretty risqué moves and music. Was that Mr. Shoo singing Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines?” Oh, yes it was! SheKnows caught up with Matthew Morrison and chatted with him about the experience and he had plenty to tell us about the show and about twerking.

First things first, let’s get one thing straight. Morrison is not a fan of twerking.

“Absolutely not,” he told us. “I think it’s crazy. I don’t understand the fad behind it.”

He went on to explain some of the history of dance fads, which you may have also caught if you watched tonight’s Glee. Twerking is definitely comical and one seriously-crazy fad. But will it fizzle? Will Glee‘s “The End of Twerk” help end the ridiculous move?

“I think there are some hardcore twerkers out there who’re gonna hold strong to their twerking abilities until their backs give out,” Morrison lamented. “And then that will be the end of twerking.”

During tonight’s episode, we saw everyone make their best efforts at twerking. But, who was the best and worst of the cast?

“The worst twerker would probably be Chord [Overstreet],” Morrison shared. He dealt out compliments, too, though. “Becca [Tobin] was good. But, I don’t know if that was because, you know, she always wears that Cheerios outfit. So, I don’t know if it helped it out a little bit.”

What about his twerking abilities?


As a matter of fact, he hasn’t even showed his fiancée, Renee Puente, his moves yet yet. So, we have no idea whether she’ll dig Morrison’s twerking or not. “I’ll find out tonight.”

Once we got his opinion on twerking, it was a natural leap to asking him his opinion on Miley Cyrus. Does he think Cyrus is a genius or absolutely cray? To find out the answer to that, as well as get Morrison’s instructions on how to twerk, you’ll just have to watch our interview.

We had one more very important question for Morrison: What’s next on Glee?

“We’re doing a Billy Joel episode,” he shared. “It’s a complete episode dedicated to his music and then we’re doing an episode called ‘Frenemies.'”

Oh, yeah. And Muppets are on the way. Wait until you hear what Morrison has to say about that!

We can’t wait for the rest of the season of Glee! We want to hear some Billy Joel, find out everyone’s frenemies and see what everyone’s Muppets look like. And don’t forget to watch the video to see even more of our interview with the awesome and talented Matthew Morrison.


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