Glee’s Mr Schue Shines – interview!
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I’M A huge Gleek so when Glee star Matthew Morrison offered to take over Playlist today I spun around in my chair with a giant smile.The 32-year-old releases his self-titled debut album on May 9 and he tours the UK in June.Tickets are on sale tomorrow from and his album can be pre-ordered from all usual outlets.Here’s what Matthew Morrison had to say for himself… It’s been interesting making my own album as everyone knows me as Mr Schue so I don’t actually feel people know the real me, who I am as a person. There’s a song I wrote about it on the album, called My Name. One of the lyrics is: “All this love surrounds me, but I’m still alone.”Fans put me on a pedestal but I’m still on my own at night with my head on the pillow, just me. It’s an awesome, glorious life but it’s kind of isolating too and I feel lonely a lot, so I’m putting those feelings onto the album, which is very personal.The first single, Summer Rain, is poppy and upbeat as I didn’t think it was a good idea to start in the deeper place. I hope it becomes a summer anthem.There are duets with Sir Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow on my record and I have welts all over my body still from pinching myself so much that we worked together.It’s pretty incredible for a debut album and they are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.Obviously with Gwyneth we met on Glee and became fast friends.With Elton it was different as I didn’t know him as well beforehand.After meeting at an Oscar party last year, he invited me to his White Tie & Tiara Ball and I did some work with his Aids Foundation before I said: “I’d love to duet with you.”When I told Elton I wanted to do it in the theme of Glee doing two songs in a mash-up, I asked if he wanted to pick them but he let me do the honours.He said: “I’ll do anything but Crocodile Rock.”So I spent a couple of days going through his catalogue, which was amazing, and decided on Mona Lisa and Rocket Man.It’s a seven-minute epic, and my label were like: “Do you wanna cut that down?” to which I said: “No, you can cut it for radio but I want it like this on the album.I didn’t say anything to Gwyneth about wanting to work with her husband Chris Martin although that would be incredible as he’s so amazing. Their kids came down to the set of Glee so I’ve met them, but not Chris yet. Hopefully soon.I’d also love to sing with Adele and Plan B one day. I’ve hammered their albums to death. In fact I’d love to do some of Plan B’s songs on Glee. I really hope he can crack the US soon. I got to sing Over The Rainbow with Leona Lewis last year and we’re still in touch. It would be amazing if we could sing together again on my tour. She just invited me to her birthday party in LA so I’ll hang out with her there.UNBELIEVABLY, not everybody is keen to have their music used on Glee.I know there’s been a war of words between Kings Of Leon and Glee producers over using their songs on the show.But I don’t concern myself with acts who don’t want to be in the series.I think with the rock groups, they might feel like it would be selling out.Everyone has a right to refuse and there will always be haters but, on the flip side, look how many people love it and how good the Glee versions sound.I WAS once in a boyband called LMNT, but personally I didn’t enjoy the experience.When you’re embarrassed to be on stage, you know you’re in the wrong job.We were told what to do and it all felt very contrived but I know there are some pop bands out there that don’t work like that.It’s amazing that bands like Take That are still around and Robbie Williams has gone back.I PICTURE my upcoming tour dates to have a timeless, classic theme. I’m thinking New York in the 40s, with lampposts and steam rising up from manhole covers. I really want to create a distinctive mood. I hope it will be quite sexy. Source

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