Here’s the transcription of our quickie over the phone session with none other than Matthew Morrison – Glee’s Mr Will Schuester – while he’s in London to play a gig and promote his new album. We were so deliriously dribbly at the thought of having him on the end of our phone that we needed you lot to supply us with some probing interview questions, so over to you I guess… does anyone have a tissue?@JSchuester: Hey Matt, love your album, which song is your favourite? I love ‘Hey’ xx@Matt_Morrison: My favourite today is called ‘My Name’ just because I’m in London right now and I wrote it in London.@Beth_No_air: what is the main idea of your future songs…@Matt_Morrison: I’m inspired by life. Since I’ve become a songwriter everything I do throughout the day I think about in terms of writing a song. I keep a notepad by my bed so if I wake up suddenly with an inspiring thought I write it down.@Hanna Zakouri: I want to know if you’re going to make music videos for this album?@Matt_Morrison: We almost did one but my Glee schedule got in the way. I will at least make one music video for sure.@jodielintern: why did you cancel the majority of your UK tour dates?@Matt_Morrison: I got this offer from Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block to join their tour. So it changed my whole tour so now I can only do my London date here and the rest of the time I have to concentrate on promoting the album and doing press.@JohannaQ17: Are you planning a tour or doing promo in Latin America? You have a lot fans here!! ;-)@Matt_Morrison: It’s so hard with Glee as I only have a certain amount of time off. I’ve always wanted to go there so even it’s not with my music I hope to go there to enjoy the culture at some point.@Hanna Zakouri: what’s your favorite make out place and song?@Matt_Morrison: My favourite make out place is the beach and it’d probably be to a John Coltrane song.@dennisgl: What is your favorite song of all time?@Matt_Morrison: Let It Be by The Beatles.@gleekmeg2010: Who inspires you the most?@Matt_Morrison: Probably my Mr Schuester. My high school mentor

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