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He can sing, he can dance and he can wear a sweater vest. But can he escape Mr Schue? Here the artist striving to be known as Matthew Morrison talks to about his debut album, the boots that got him the Glee gig and suggestive cupcakes… When was the last time you got star-struck?Matthew Morrison: Probably the first and second time I met President Obama. He wasn’t a fan of Glee the first time but the sixth time I met him, he told me that he’d watched it a few times and that his daughters love it. We’ve become… I wouldn’t say friends, but he knows who I am now and he’ll say “Matthew!” every time I see him. I don’t call him Barack though – he’s still Mr. President.What’s your karaoke song?”Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.Glee creator Ryan Murphy jokes that the boots you wore on your audition got you the job. Where can we get a pair?They’re in the other room right now! I got them at Aldo. They’re a cross between cowboy and motorcycle boots. They’re really dirty and scraped up now – and have a hole on the side where rain can get in.How do you choose what to wear onstage?I want my shows to be very classic and timeless. I was really inspired by the Rat Pack – that Sixties, moody, sexy kind of vibe.Do you remember what you wore for your prom?A vintage baby blue tuxedo with a white ruffle shirt.What’s a Matthew Morrison groupie like?It’s a pretty wide demographic: from 13-year-old girls to grandmas. Oh and college-educated, older men. If you know what I mean…What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been given by a fan?A fan in London gave me these two cupcakes in the shape of breasts. That was a little strange.What’s the most important item in your rider?Throat Coat. It’s a kind of tea and I’ll have it right before singing. It really promotes throat health.After the spat between Ryan Murphy and Nathan Followill, do you still listen to Kings of Leon?Oh yeah. That didn’t bother me at all. They’re great.What music do you like that would surprise people?I’m a huge Bob Marley fan, I remember going to Jamaica for the first time when I was a kid and I got so obsessed with the steel drums. I wanted a set so badly but my parents told me that I’d have to buy them for myself. I did a year of gardening and bought them. I only ever learned one song on it though: “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid. [sings the tune]You used to be a breakdancer. What kind of moves do you let out on a night out?I’m a dancer so I love to dance. When I get on the floor, I’ll get friggin’ sweaty. I like to move – I do anything and everything. Things that make fun of yourself are always good – you know, like “the sprinkler” [Dance Editor’s note: see the England Cricket team perform this move here]. Things that make people laugh are always a good way to get going. It kind of loosens everyone else up and then you can just laugh and be a little freer after that.Glee features a lot of hip-hop. When are we going to get a Nicki Minaj episode?I don’t really know any Nicki Minaj songs. I just know she’s got a big butt. Literally, she was sitting right in front of me at the… oh god, I probably shouldn’t say this but she was sitting right in front of me at the Billboard Music Awards and everytime she got up to clap. It was… [hesitates]In that bodysuit she was wearing…Ye-aaaah. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it!What’s the worst thing a critic has said about you?I can’t even say it because it sounds awful to say but one critic once said that I was too good-looking. I hate that because I think that sometimes good-looking people don’t get taken seriously as actors.We got a lot of questions about this on Twitter – what’s your haircare regime like?It depends on what length my hair is but this morning I used two squirts of Lubriderm, the body lotion. When I was in college I ran out of whatever product I was using and there was this bottle of Lubriderm body lotion there. It’s a white cream but once you put it in, it goes away. So I literally just slick it back and then let it dry. I guess it just dries cool.You told Details magazine that anyone could get your physique in a month. What’s your workout regime like?I don’t want to say that a 500lb man can get my physique in a month but I’m really big into running. I run probably 35-40 miles a week and I think 80 per cent of your body is what you eat. The biggest part is just eating well.What was the best record in your parent’s collection?The one I loved listening to growing up the most was Peter, Paul and Mary. I loved “Puff The Magic Dragon”.Jane Lynch said that if she came back as someone, she’d want to come back as you. Who would you like to come back as?Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s had the most amazing career but she’s also the most humble and real person I’ve ever met. She’s a phenomenal wife, mother and actress. She’s really just got it all going on. What’s the biggest media misconception about you?That I’m gay.Matthew Morrison’s debut album is out now. Listen to it here.Source

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