He’s not just ‘that guy from Glee’, says actor – and now singer – Matthew MorrisonJUST like his character Will Schuester in the hit TV series Glee, Matthew Morrison seems to be the kind of guy that you could – and would – hang out with. Even if you’re half a world away. Speaking to Today from a recording studio in Los Angeles, Morrison was jovial and rather excited about his releasing his self-titled debut album.”Can’t wait,” he said over the phone. “It’s going to be fun.”When we asked the curly-haired one what we could expect from his album, Morrison immediately quipped: “My voice.” The Golden Globe and Emmy nominee wasn’t simply referring to his vocal ability but also the fact that his reel image as Mr Schuester and his real image have become, well, somewhat mixed up. It’s a topic he tackles on a song he wrote called My Name. “It’s all about being Mr Schuester and being me,” the 32-year-old actor explained. “Because I walk down the street and everyone will say, ‘Oh, it’s the guy from Glee’, or ‘Oh, it’s Mr Schuester’. But no one really knows my name, you know?”Playing Mr Schue on Glee has allowed Morrison to combine his two passions: Acting and music. He began his career on Broadway, performing in shows such as Hairspray and The Rocky Horror Show. He then followed that with acting stints on TV, guest-starring in shows such as Ghost Whisperer and CSI: Miami. He also was featured in films such as Dan In Real Life and the Hugh Grant-Drew Barrymore comedy, Music And Lyrics.And then Glee came along. Then the acting nominations and magazine covers. And now this album. Yup, Morrison’s having all his dreams come true.”My dream as a kid was that I wanted to be on Broadway. And I did that. My first Broadway show was when I was 19, and then I did seven shows after that on Broadway. And I really fulfilled my dream. Then it came to a point where I wanted to create new dreams for myself. I wanted to be on TV. And that happened. And now, I want to make an album.”We want a genie to grant us three wishes, too.The album is a collection of original Morrison tunes and covers, and also features collaborations with the likes of Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow, who also appeared on Glee. But don’t expect Glee-esque music on it. “I tried to stay away from that a little bit. It would have been easy to go down that road, but to be respected as an artiste, I think I had to write a lot of my own songs, too,” said Mr Schuester.Oops. Sorry, Mr Morrison. So will there be any Journey covers on the album?Matthew Morrison: No, definitely not! Sorry, Chris.What was the biggest challenge recording the album? It was just the nerves. Being an actor in a show, you can always hide behind your character and stuff. But when you do music, it’s all you. It’s very exposing. I was kind of scared going into that. It’s an interesting process.There might be those who’ll think it’s a Mr Schuester album.Yeah, I know what you mean. Hopefully, this will kind of prove them wrong. I wanted to come out with an album to kind of disassociate myself from that show in a way. Hopefully, to show them that I’m something other than just a music teacher.Wait – you mean you’re not really a music teacher?(Laughs) Actually, if I hadn’t gone into acting, I would’ve probably been a music teacher. You seem to be getting whatever you want. That’s not fair …You only live once! So I want to get that all in. But, hey, you have a family. And I haven’t achieved that dream yet. You want to have kids?Oh, yeah, for sure!How many would you like?I’m an only child so I’ve never had any brothers and sisters. But I think two – two kids would be good.You can borrow my two boys if you like. Just to try it out.You have two? Put them on a plane. I’ll take care of them. (Laughs)Your album features Elton John, Sting and Gwyneth Paltrow. But what’s your dream collaboration?My dream collaborations would be … with people who, unfortunately, are already dead. I love Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. I love listening to those crooners. And I would’ve loved to do a collaboration with those guys. Glee must take up a chunk of time. Did you have to rush this album?Well, I had three months off, so I recorded in London, New York and LA. And then when Glee started back up, the only time I had was the weekend, so I recorded every weekend. It’s been about a year – the whole thing took about a year to do. Some of it was a little rushed, but I wouldn’t put anything on it that I wouldn’t want to go up and sing every night.So you worked seven days a week.Yeah, the thing I dream about these days is my bed. (Laughs) I haven’t seen that in a long time! Glee has been a major hit, but there’s probably an equal number of people who think it’s crap…We live in such an interesting world right now where there’s a lot of negativity. And it’s so easy to be negative. Because a lot of people just sit behind computers and … it’s stuff they would never say in front of anyone else, but they have no repercussions for what they want to say and they can just be as negative as they want to be. And you know what? I’m so proud of the show because it’s done so much – at least in America – for arts education. It’s really inspired a new generation of kids to get into music. And because of Glee, they can’t really cut arts programmes any more. I’m sure – I know – with my album, there’s going to be a lot negative people, but I’m all about positive energy and I believe that if you put positive energy out in the world, you get that back. So I’m just trying to live my life as positively as possible.What’s the best thing about being Matthew Morrison? It’s … talking to you, Chris. (Laughs) I mean, it’s been a great year. I moved to LA since I did Glee. And I bought a beautiful home here and, really, life is good. I don’t have much to complain about these days. Really, no bad things?Well, you know, I’m a human being so there’s always going to be some bad things. But it’s tough to be thrust into the limelight. My time isn’t really my own any more.Do you feel like you can’t cut loose without people prying?Luckily, I kind of cut loose when I was younger and not in the limelight. So I got that out of my system. So now I just kind of want to sit at home and cook food with my friends and have wine at home. I’m kind of a homebody these days, so it’s perfect timing. So what’s your diary like for the rest of the year?The album comes out May 10 and I’m going to go on kind of a small tour over the summer. I only have limited time off the show. I’m going to do this mostly in the States and in a couple of European cities and then, hopefully, next year I’ll be able to hit places like Singapore. Okay, they’re telling me I have to wrap it up. But Chris, really nice talking to you. You too, and good luck with the album.Thanks, buddy, I really appreciate it. And just put those kids on the next flight and I’ll take care of it.Matthew Morrison’s self-titled album is out in stores now.Source

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