British? Unattached? Glee’s Matthew Morrison is looking for a girl just like you…There’s something about Matthew Morrison.Maybe it’s those twinkly blue eyes and delicious leading-man good looks. Maybe it’s that rich baritone and the repertoire of show tunes he could call on to serenade you with. Or perhaps it’s The Hair which, we are delighted to confirm, is just as superb in real life.Whatever it is, Mr M has got it in spades. Grown women come over all peculiar in his presence – the ladies who spot him at our downtown LA shoot location blush and giggle. And normally testosterone-fuelled men shake him by the hand, unashamedly telling him what huge fans their wives are of Glee (that’s their story, anyway).”It feels really good to get out of Mr Schuester’s sweater vests!” he says of the tight black T-shirt and vintage leather jacket he’s wearing for our shoot, ruggedly handsome and looking a million miles away from McKinley High and his clean-cut Spanish teacher/choirmaster alter ego. Even 32-year-old Matt can’t quite get over just how celebrated he’s become since the multi-award-winning Glee sang, danced and jazz-handed its way on to our TV schedules less than two years ago.”I had no idea just how big the show was until I went to Britain,” says Matt. “That’s when it hit me. We knew the show was doing well, but when I got to London last year with the fans and the paparazzi, I realised it’s massive. It was intense.”I just feel very proud, cos I could be playing a detective with a chimpanzee as a sidekick and I don’t think that would be very interesting!”See, he’s funny too! Cracking jokes and everything. A quick check through his previous interviews shows he uses this sidekick chimp line rather a lot, but we’ll forgive him this lack of originality because after all, swoon, squeal etc, he is Mr Schue.”I think the show’s got that British sensibility. It’s kinda snarky and offbeat and you guys eat that up over there,” explains Matt.Matt is the most impeccably polite of celebs, remembering everybody’s name on our shoot, right down to the guy who operates the lift (that’s Jos

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