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When someone bursts onto our TV screens, we hear the cry of “overnight success” and when Glee debuted in 2009 this label was thrust upon Matthew Morrison but it didn’t tell the whole story.Before becoming a TV star Matthew Morrison was a Broadway star since his teenage years, his first breakout role was when he was cast as “heartthrob” Link Larkin in the hit “Hairspray” and this role lead to further roles on Broadway and even lead to a Tony Award nominated for his role in “The Light in the Piazza”.Morrison was also briefly in the boy band “LMNT” and Morrison even joined the cast of an American soap but left abruptly soon after due to a “scheduling conflict” and he had small roles in the films “Music and Lyrics” and “Dan in Real Life”So it has been a long and varied journey for Matthew Morrison to get where he is now, where is he now?Well, he is the star of the TV phenomenon, “Glee” and is now launching his self-titled debut album and his own solo music career.The Banter caught up with Matthew, as he promoted his album launch here in the UK.So it may appear Matthew Morrison is an “overnight success” but it has taken him a long time to get to this point, so does the “overnight success” label get to Matthew Morrison?“It doesn’t get to me at all, I know my own truth and I know what I’ve done.“I understand it though, I get it, the world knows because of Glee but I know what I’ve done.”Matthew has transitioned from Broadway star to TV star and now he is turning his attention to music, what are some of the differences between them?“Between Broadway and Television, for me there is absolutely nothing like performing in front of a live audience and that is something that has been the hardest to adjust to being on Television.“That [performing to a live audience] is what fuels me and really what drives me, also you learn a lot about your performance.“When you are on Television and you say something funny you don’t have anyone to laugh, so you just have to trust that you are funny because you are not getting that instant reaction.“That’s one of the reason I wanted to do this album because I get to perform my songs live in front of an audience.”How did the album come about?“It’s something I have been wanting to do for about seven years now and “Glee” has really afforded me the opportunity to make that dream come true and to do it in a way I was comfortable with and had a lot of control over, so I just decided to it.“It was probably the hardest thing I’ve done because I am really busy with my “Glee” schedule but I really want to do it and put a lot of work into it.”On his album Matthew collaborates with two music icons in Sting and Elton John, what was it like for Matthew to collaborate with them?“I had never heard of those guys before [laughs].“If I could have dream of any album, doing duets with those guys has completely surpassed any dream I could have ever thought of.“It was such a great learning experience just being in the studio with these living legends, who have really paved a path for other singer/songwriters.”Another duet that appears on the album is one with a famous “Glee” guest star, by the name of Gwyneth Paltrow, you may have heard of her.What was it like working with her, as she is more known for her acting ability than her singing ability?“We became really great friends on Glee, so it was easier to ask her to do it because we were already friends.“She has kind of reinvented herself and no one really knew that she sang, so I wanted to let everyone know she could sing.“Glee” gives certain people a chance to reinvent themselves and I think she definitely reinvented herself on that show.”Originally, The Banter had hoped to talk to Matthew about his upcoming show in Glasgow but unfortunately just a few days before the interview, his UK tour was postponed.How difficult was it to postpone the UK tour?“It was really difficult, obviously it is something I don’t really want to do and to disappoint anyone, I have had a lot of letters and messages from people, who had tickets and were disappointed.“It was honestly something that was kind of out of my control and I obviously feel really bad about and plan to make up the dates in the future.”Since the debut of Glee, Matthew Morrison has gone from Broadway to the front pages of tabloids and gossip sites all over the world and has become a worldwide star, how does Matthew deal with all the media attention?“I don’t “google” myself or anything like that, I don’t really ignore it because obviously I have people around me that keep me informed of what is going on and obviously I want to know how the album is doing and stuff.“It is just like any other job; you’ve got to be aware of things to navigate your career and where you are going to go.”On the show, Glee, Matthew’s co-star Jane Lynch often steals the show as cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester at it is often at the expense of Matthew’s character Will and his hair, how difficult is it for Matthew to keep composed during these scenes?“It is really hard; we have a couple of rehearsals before so kind of I get all the laughs out of my system but I have definitely ruined a couple of takes because I started cracking up.”“To my credit though, I have made her crack up twice.”During my research for this interview, I read that Matthew was from Scottish descent but not knowing whether this was true or just some internet rumours, I thought I better ask Matthew.“Yea, that was the frustrating thing about cancelling my show in Glasgow, I had some family that were coming to see it, I’m not certain where they were coming from but I was going to meet them at the show.”Matthew Morrison’s self-title album is out now.Interview by Maxwell LynasSourceYou can check out every interview Matt has done, from 1993 onwards, here!

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