“It Don’t Mean A Thing”, the first single from Matt’s new album, “Where It All Began” (out June 4), is available for download on iTunes and Amazon!—–‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’: Matthew Morrison’s Lush Single Debuts Off ‘Where It All Began’ (EXCLUSIVE)”Glee” fans have known for years that Matthew Morrison knows his way around a tune, but now the 34-year-old actor is bringing his talents to the wider world. On “It Don’t Mean a Thing,” the lead single off of Morrison’s upcoming “Where It All Began,” the singer impresses with a timeless charm that would put him right at home on “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack.The song, debuting exclusively on HuffPost Entertainment, evokes an almost visual energy with and luxurious sense of soul. “’It Don’t Mean A Thing’ really captures the overall vibe of the album,” said Morrison. “I love the way it allows me to marry singing and dancing. You’ll see what I’m talking about through the music video which will be released later this month!””Where It All Began” is a collection of 12 standards produced by the legendary (and recently deceased) Phil Ramone and Grammy-winner Gregg Field. It hits stores on June 4 — the first release on Adam Levine’s 222 Records.Morrison is an Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe-nominated hyphenate who has left his stamp on film (“What to Expect When You’re Expecting”), theater (“Footloose,” “Rocky Horror”) and television (“Glee”). It’s perhaps this triumvirate of skills that brings his take on “It Don’t Mean a Thing” — which was composed in the early 1930s by Duke Ellington with lyrics by Irving Mills — come alive.For Morrison — whose self-titled debut album charted favorable in 2011 — releasing “Where It All Began” is simply a way of sharing his musical foundation with the world. “I’m so excited to finally introduce everyone to the music that is so close to my heart,” he said.Source

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