Term time at McKinley is fast coming to the end as season two prepares to wrap up, but things are just taking off for Matthew Morrison, AKA Mr Schue. MyBliss were very excited to meet him (who wouldn’t be?!) and he proved to be as lovely as we’d imagined! He’s going solo with his self titled album and brand new single Summer Rain, both out now, AND he’s heading on tour, so there’ll be plenty more opportunities to see his gorgeous face. How exciting! Now then, here’s a lesson on the real Matthew Morrison. Take notes, there will be a pop quiz… What’s up MyBliss?We’re good, we’re good! So, you’ve been to London a few times now – how are you finding it? Sorry, that’s a boring question… Those aren’t boring shoes at all (leans down and tweaks bow on shoe)Thanks! I love it here, you know what, this time I’m here for two weeks and I really want to try to enjoy it more. Usually I’m just here for a couple of days and I do as much press as I can and then pop off again. I want to see a few shows when I’m here…Which shows are on your list? I definitely want to see One Man and Two Govenors at the National Theatre, and what’s that My Fair Lady one?Pygmalion? Pygmalion, yeah, I definitely want to see that.If you could be in any show here, what would you pick? I love to do original work, so I’d probably pick something that hadn’t been done yet, but if I had to choose something existing I’d go for a show called Assassins. It’s about the people who attempted to assasinate US presidents.On the album, you sing My Name, about people not realising there’s a difference between you and Mr Schue. We really want to get to know the real Matthew Morrison. So: What is your favourite home cooked meal? Well, I’m from California, so we do a lot of Mexican food. I make a mean chicken enchilada.What is your most disgusting habit? I bite my nails, which is pretty disgusting when you think about where they go?Errr…why? Where do they go???? Oh, you know, over the course of the day. You don’t realise you’re doing it, and then you’re like ‘ah, wait, my nails are in my mouth right now.’What is your fave guilty pleasure movie? An action movie. I love stupid movies with guns and kung fu and fighting and people beating each other up for no reason. Any Jean Claude Van Damme movie where people are punching and kicking people at the same time.Now, you sing a song called Hey about struggling to get the words out when you meet a girl. Can you tell me about when that happened, maybe when you were younger? It is still a problem to this day. I find it very…you know, I’m in a good position now where it should be easy to meet someone and go up to someone and just go ‘hey.’ But you know what, I’m really shy, I’m a shy person.Do you find that people’s preconceptions don’t help? Because they must feel like they know you, but they don’t. Absolutely. It’s hard these days, because I can’t meet someone without them thinking they already know me, even just having a conversation is tricky. I’m grateful that I play a really nice guy on TV, so people think I’m a nice guy, which I am! That helps.It’s true – what if you were playing a psychopath!? No-one would ever talk to you… Like Michael C Hall in Dexter! Yeah, it could be worse…How old were you when you did your first performance?I recently went up to Chico in North California to see my old Nanny, who’s 80 – she was like my babysitter. I haven’t spoken to her since I was seven, but my Dad and Mom kept in touch. She was telling me all these stories about myself that I didn’t remember. I was always singing and dancing. I thought I started at a much later age.What about school plays? In high school, yeah. The first thing I did was a children’s theatre production in 5th grade. I was ten years old. It was some made up show called the Herdmans Go To Camp. It was lame! That was the first time I got up in front of an audience. I felt really lucky to have found my passion at such a young age. I think that’s why it’s really important to teach drama in schools. If kids don’t get to try it when they’re young, they’ll never get the opportunity to discover if it’s a passion.So, when you were in school what was your least favourite subject? Probably Maths. I think a lot of people can relate to that. It gets easier because now I don’t have to do any Maths?Exactly. Who’s going to make you do trigonometry after you’re fifteen. Yeah! No-one is ever going to make you do trigonometry.So you perform a lot – how do you overcome stage fright? To be honest, I like stage fright. I’m one of those people who thrives under pressure. If I stopped feeling stage fright, I’d worry that something was wrong.It reminds you that it’s a live art, every single performance you do… It gets my juices flowing.Source

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