‘Glee’ star tells MTV News he didn’t know the ‘American Idol’ champ co-wrote the pop/rock tune when he received it.MTV ShowsWe knew from his team-ups with Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow that Mathew Morrison was intent on making his debut solo album one to remember. Now, the “Glee” actor has one more surprise up his sleeve for the May 10 release: a collaboration with “American Idol” winner Kris Allen.On Wednesday (April 27), MTV News’ Jim Cantiello was busy chatting it up with the “Idol” alum via Skype when the singer surprised us with a special appearance from Morrison.”I am in a special place that only one person can tell you where I’m at,” the singer teased from inside a trailer before a smiling Morrison popped in front of the webcam, decked out in his traditional Mr. Schuester getup.Sitting side-by-side, the singers discussed how the Allen-penned tune “Still Got Tonight” found its way into Morrison’s lap.”It’s actually a funny story. I got my hands on the song. It was an amazing song, and I didn’t find out until a little later on that Kris was a writer on it,” Morrison said, adding, “It was kind of strange, ’cause he didn’t know either that I had done it.”Allen, who co-wrote the tune with Andrew Frampton and Stephen Allen Kipner, shared a similar story. “I had no idea,” the singer admitted. “I got an email from the other writers saying ‘Urgent, urgent,’ and then I read it, and it said that Mathew Morrison was going to sing the song, and I was pretty stoked about it. That’s why we’re here today. We thought we’d hang out.”While the two did not collaborate in the studio on the track, Morrison revealed that they shared nothing but cool vibes with each other upon their first meeting.”We thought we’d hang out and actually meet each other and say, ‘Hey, you’re cool,’ and he said, ‘I’m cool,’ so we’re cool with each other,” Morrison said.Asked why he wasn’t with his fellow “Glee” castmates filming an upcoming episode in New York, Morrison, assured fans that he’ll be there later in the week. “Well, I’m actually shooting all day today, and then I fly on the red eye tonight and I start shooting there tomorrow morning,” he said.Source

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