Kristin Chenoweth talks Matty!
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PC: Did you ever work on Broadway with Matt Morrison? Maybe at a BC/EFA event or something?KC: No! (Laughs.) Believe it or not! We had met I think… once… at a press event or something.PC: Perfect strangers, then!KC: I found him to be instantly delightful.PC: “Fire”!KC: Yeah (Laughs.) When we started working together on GLEE there was just a… I don’t know… an instant chemistry that worked.PC: Right from the get-go?KC: It’s such a wonderful friendship. (Pause.) I just really respect him. I respect the way he conducts himself on the set. He’s a pro. Also, I love what he’s doing with the role. And, I also love April and Will together…PC: You’re not… “Alone” in that!KC: (Laughs.) I mean, of course I’m biased, but…PC: You are great together.KC: Yeah, but, I love how it’s like, even though I’m older, she’s like his little sister or someone that he’s always looking out for.PC: It is!KC: Because she’s always in trouble! (Laughs.)PC: And he gets her out of it!KC: So, yeah, I just love that relationship.Source

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