Glee’s’ Matthew Morrison: Will and Emma will be ‘pumped up’ this seasonIf you’re a “Glee” fan waiting for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) to hook up, you’ve had a rocky road. Between his wife’s fake pregnancy, her OCD interfering with their relationship, and her subsequent marriage to John Stamos, it’s not easy being a Wemma shipper.Cheer up, Gleeks! Zap2it was on the scene when PaleyFest honored “Glee” on Wednesday night and it looks like there’s some definite good news for Will and Emma on the way, or, as Morrison calls them, Wemma. “That’s what you guys want to hear,” he laughs. “I hate saying it.”Currently, Will is embroiled in a hot-and-heavy romance with Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow). “She’s kind of a flighty character, so that’s only going to last as long as she can have it last,” Morrison says.That’s not long at all. Executive producer Ryan Murphy says that Paltrow’s next episode will definitely be her last one for the season. We’ll see more of their “love affair” as Murphy puts it — and then we’ll see the end of it.We probably haven’t seen the last of Stamos as Dr. Carl, Emma’s none-too-pleased husband, who just found out that his wife still has a thing for the Glee Club advisor. “They’re going to have a little rocky relationship coming up,” Morrison says of Carl and Emma. “I think toward the end of the season they’re going to pump up the ‘Wemma’ storyline. I’m looking forward to that a lot.”Morrison also noted that he believes Will and Emma are “star-crossed” and that they’re the best thing for each other. “They deserve each other,” he says. “They could help each other so much. I hope it happens for them.” Sounds like his hopes are dead-on. We can expect some major developments — and confessions — from the two of them before the end of the season, but it won’t be easy. Their journey to a reunion will have a few roadblocks. Murphy tells us that one of the themes of the end of the season is about Will and Emma’s “loyalty to the students.” They may have to “give up their own dreams” in favor of helping out the kids. Plus, there’s no telling what Season 3 will bring. Murphy notes that he’s already made plans to have Paltrow back as Holly Holiday next year. Let’s just hope that by then, Will and Emma are secure enough in their relationship that she won’t be a threat.You can watch our video below to catch more from Morrison about his singing career and working with Paltrow — but be warned, he hijacked our camera for a split second and I wasn’t exactly camera-ready (but hey, that’s what making silly faces is for, right?). I’ll get you back next time, Matt!

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