Matthew at the Toronto Eaton Center – videos!
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Check out two exclusive videos of the Toronto Eaton Center Q&A! Part 1Part 2Thanks Leigh and Amy!And here’s a short interview with CBC Canada:SourceMatthew Morrison, the U.S. actor and former Broadway star who plays teacher Will Shuester (Mr. Shue) in the series, says he believes Glee is a show the world needed.”I love it because you can have this fun campy episode, but at end of the episode a family can sit together and have intelligent conversation about bullying or gays in high school or teen pregnancy. We touch upon such great social issues,” he said in a recent interview with CBC News.Glee forged itself a reputation as gay-friendly in its first season, with story lines involving Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt, the out-of-the-closet gay teen who is bullied at school.The singing-and-dancing fun of the TV show, and the torqued scripts, have the effect of making a tale about a group of misfits more palatable to teens and young adults.”I think even if you’re the most popular kid in school in high school, there is part of you that is insecure,” Morrison said. “Everyone has insecurities and I think Glee touches upon all those insecurities. It really is for the outsider, which is everyone,” he said.The show draws adult viewers as well, he said, including parents watching with their kids and adults who enjoy seeing the old hits brought to life again.Morrison is not touring with the Glee cast

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