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Matthew is in Milan for his performance on X Factor tomorrow night at 9.10pm on Sky Uno. This morning he met the Italian press. All the interviews will be added to this post.

Sky Tg24 (dubbed in Italian)

Corriere della Sera

Matthew answers some questions behind the scenes of X Factor Italy for Simona Ventura TV.

We have no doubts: the fifth X Factor live show – airing on Thursday, November 21 at 9pm on Sky Uno- will be watched by many Italian Gleeks. Why? Because one of the guests will be Matthew Morrison, Mr Schuester. Triple Threat Matthew Morrison- actor, singer and dancer- will perform It Don’t Mean A Thing, from his second album, Where It All Began, out last June under Adam Levine’s new record company, 222.The record is a collection of standards revisited with modern arrangements. Here’s what Matt told us.

Good morning Matthew, first of all congratulations for your second album and for the EP A Classic Christmas, out on November 19. Both records have been produced by Adam Levine’s 222. How did this collaboration happen?
Adam and I both live in LA and we’re friends; one day I told him I’d have liked to do an album celebrating 50s and 60s sounds. He said, “No problem, I’ll be your producer!”. I thought he was laughing, but he really did it. I played with a 60-piece orchestra, what else could I have wished for?

On Thursday you’ll perform on X Factor: if you could go back, would you take part to a talent show?
I don’t think so… I feel like I’ve risen through the ranks, starting in a small role in the ensemble and then slowly building my way upwards. It took a while, it was hard, but I’m very proud of my path, so I’d do it all over again.

Could you see yourself as a talent show judge?
Not at all! I’d be too nice, I’d never have the heart to take down anyone. And being a performer myself I feel like I can’t really judge anyone, other than myself.Among this year’s judges there’s Mika: would you like to perform with him?If if were for me I’d duet with everyone! I love collaborations, whenever two artists work together to create something unique. On Thursday I’ll perform It Don’t Mean A Thing with quite a few backup dancers. It’s going to be a lively performance, hopefully I won’t run out of breath!

Let’s talk about Glee, the fifth season is airing both in the US and in Italy: if you could meet your character what would you tell him?
That he looks a lot like me! Jokes apart, I’d tell him “It’s been hard, but you’ve done a good job”. Will has been a source of inspiration not only for the characters of the series, but for so many kids who follow the show. He knows the importance of arts, especially in a time like this, when they are at risk of being forgotten. He’s an inspired teacher, and I can’t help but appreciate him.

What is in your opinion the X factor of a series like Glee?
The cast, without a doubt. Every actor is perfect for their part, and even if many characters are a bit stereotyped- Rachel is the dreamer who wants to be a star, Kurt is the bullied gay kid- each has a soul thanks to their wonderful performers.

Is there any common ground between X Factor and Glee, other than the music performances?
They’re both very eclectic shows. Thanks to the songs covers they explore different genres and different times. Both shows bring music to many generations: the younger can discover some classics, and the older one gets in touch with newer music.

Why does Mr Schue always wear a vest?
Will is probably the owner of the largest vest collection on Earth. Is it his uniform, or just an obsession?Good question! As an actor I just wear what I’m told to, so I’ve never really thought about ut… I think the authors wanted another target for Sue Sylvester, aside from the hair. Or maybe his vest is his superhero, or superteacher, costume! His cape.

What do you think you and Mr Schue have in common, and what is different? What did you learn from him?
We’re both optimistic people, and we both love the arts and try to defend and spread them. Among my dreams I’d want to open a performing arts school. The differences… well, I’d never dress like him, and I’d never let anyone tease me for my hair! I love my hair. What have I learnt from Will? Patience.

Any projects for the future?
Professionally, the album promotion is going to continue, then there’s season five and six of Glee. In regards to my private life… well, I’ll be getting married! And I’d like to become a dad. We’ll see!

Source: SkyUno

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Milan, November 20 2013 – His idol is Gene Kelly, he can sing, act and dance, he loves 50s music, he likes X Factor but he’d never be a judge because “I’m too nice”. Who are we talking about? Matthew Morrison, the actor portraing Will Schuester on Glee, who will be a special guest tomorrow on X Factor (even if he candidly admits, “Mika? I don’t know him, I’m sorry.”)
He will perform It Don’t Mean A Thing and will be interviewed (about Italy, he says, “I love food, people, the kind of happiness you breathe here. You live in the best country in the world.”) About X Factor: “It’s a great chance for young people, even though I don’t think I’d have done it back when I was starting out. I did my experiences in small theaters and then on Broadway, I paid my dues. I could never be a judge, I’m too nice! I’d say ‘okay, cool’ to everyone.”What he shares with his character? “We’re both very passionate about the arts, and we’re both very optimistic.” Differences? “I don’t like the way he dresses, and I wouldn’t want people talking bad about my hair. I love it.” What quality does Schuester show that he’d like to have? “His patience.” The series has had some issues with the cast, what does he think about that? “The audience loved the original cast so much that it’s been hard to grow attached to the new kids.”Morrison’s career also lists a guest appearance on “Sex and the City”. How did it go? “I was a waiter, I just had to bring something to the table and leave. I was so nervous… Sarah Jessica Parker was very sweet and managed to make me feel at ease.”

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