One would expect a man famous for being on Glee to be in touch with his feminine side. In What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Matthew Morrison demonstrates that when it comes to pregnancy, men sometimes handle the news better than women. Morrison plays the dancer Evan, who falls in love with the fitness guru Jules (Cameron Diaz) when they meet on a celebrity TV dance show. Their nascent relationship is put under strain when she falls pregnant.What’s Cameron Diaz like to work with?Exactly what you would expect Cameron Diaz to be like: she’s fun, simple, always cracking jokes and has that great energy. Our energies bounced well off each other.Did you get much time to hang around with Diaz when you weren’t filming? We did sing together.Is she a good singer, or as bad as she seemed in My Best Friend’s Wedding? No, she’s good. She was putting it on in that film, she can hold a tune. Fooling around, we changed Don’t You Want Me Baby to Don’t You Want a Baby. It’s funny what goes on behind closed doors.Do you have much experience with kids? No, I don’t have much experience. Besides my father, he’s a midwife. In fact, a great element of doing this movie was that I could go to him and ask him a lot of questions about the birth process. So I feel like there is a lot of my dad in this movie.Did it make you think more seriously about having kids? I’ve always known that I want to have kids. Not rushing it right now, but yeah, I would definitely love to have kids.Source—– HQ pictures of the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” London premiere!All the HQs here

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