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Glee’s Matthew Morrison leaves the classroom to hit the road on the “symphony circuit”There’s more to Matthew Morrison than playing show choir director Mr. Schue on TV’s Glee.The actor has a Broadway background (with some Arizona roots). He’s a recording artist. And he’s an ally to the LGBT community.As part of his work on what he called the “symphony circuit,” Morrison is coming to the Valley to perform with the Phoenix Symphony on Jan. 25 at the Mesa Arts Center.”It’s something sort of new for me, to be honest,” Morrison said of the concerts during a telephone interview. “I think there are a few performers, mainly coming from the Broadway world, such as Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, who come around and do concerts with symphonies all over the world.”Morrison said he started doing the concerts with symphonies last year. “It has become something that I absolutely love and am so passionate about. I have been having the best time,” he said. “Except for the travel of it all, it’s been great. It has been such a joy because I get to do what I’m passionate about, which is performing live.”The demands mean Morrison’s schedule can be frenetic. He films Glee during the week, then takes a red-eye out to do a concert on Saturday. He returns to Los Angeles to start filming again at 7 a.m. Monday.Morrison said he’s been away from performing live since taking the role with Glee five years ago. “So it is great to get back on stage and interact with a live audience. It feeds my soul,” he said.Best known as inspirational high school teacher Will Schuester, Morrison has been part of the theater world for some time. In fact, he got his first taste of the stage in Arizona.”That’s where I first got on stage,” Morrison remembered. “I was there for a summer. I have a lot of relatives in Arizona, so I’ve spent a lot of summers there.”The summer he was 10 years old he did a show with Theatre Works’ children’s theater company. “That was the first show I ever did,” he said. “That’s where I ‘caught the bug,’ if you will.”Before landing the Glee role, his career included roles in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. He’s earned nominations for Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe awards.During his concert with the symphony, he’s expected to perform favorite Broadway hits.Morrison released his self-titled debut album in 2011. Last year, he released Where It All Began as well as the EP A Classic Christmas, which was done during the same recording sessions.”We had a little extra time in the studio so we decided to put down a couple of Christmas songs,” Morrison remembered. “It was a little interesting doing it in March, as you’re not really in that Christmas spirit, but we hung a bunch of Christmas lights in the studio and we really got into the mood.”Morrison is known as an outspoken supporter of LGBT causes, including marriage equality. He performed in the 2012 Los Angeles production of Dustin Lance Black’s play 8, a staged re-enactment of California’s Proposition 8 trial.More recently, he was part of a marriage equality event in Hawaii, where the legislature legalized same-sex marriage in late 2013.With his experience in the theater world, Morrison said he recognized LGBT equality as an important cause.”It is an opportunity for me to go out there, as I feel there are so many people who are activists who fight for the cause. But I don’t feel there are enough straight allies who step up and lend their voice,” he said.”I am so proud of my friends and so happy that many of them can get married in some states. I’m still wanting to fight the fight until we can get this [marriage equality] across the board,” he said.

Source: Echo Magazine

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