I think Christmas means family. Everyone spends so much of the year invested in their own thing and is so busy. But Christmas is a time when all the jobs can stop, and you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends and eat some great food.

For me it also means a lot of laughter. I enjoy raising a glass, sharing stories about the year and having a great time.

My fiancée has never experienced a New York City Christmas before. So we’re going to go ice skating in Central Park and see the Rockefeller Christmas tree and have it grand. Should be very romantic.

It’s the one part of the year when there’s some free time. And it’s not just about youI look forward to it every year. It’s the one part of the year when there’s some free time. And it’s not just about you. You have to think about what kind of presents you want to give your loved ones, and be a bit more selfless, enjoy the gift of giving.

Each song on my Christmas record has a different memory for me. I can still think of songs that were playing at my house as a child. I remember Bing Crosby’s I’ll Be Home For Christmas was playing in the background when I walked into my family room and saw the best gift I had ever laid eyes upon: a giant dinosaur!

It was a blow-up thing, an inflatable tyrannosaurus rex. I was dwarfed by this thing, it was just so massive. But I don’t actually have any memories of playing with it. Because how do you play with a six-foot inflatable dinosaur? So a lot of the songs on my EP, they’re songs that have great memories for me, of growing up.

This is my first time recording Christmas songs, though I’ve definitely sung them all throughout my life. The hardest part of it was having to record the songs in March! We hung Christmas lights in the studio, to get that Christmas feeling. It proved that it’s never too early or too late to get in the holiday spirit.

It’s so strange when you think that so many great Christmas songs were written in summer. I picture someone sitting at a barbecue, writing festive songs. It’s strange.

Not many original Christmas songs are made anymore. I think it says a lot about the power of tradition at Christmas. The last original song that comes to my mind is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. That broke through, and now you hear it all the time more than the traditional songs.

I think that there will be a wave of new Christmas songs, but these ones have stood the test of time for a reason. I can’t wait to sing these songs to my kids – when I eventually have them. There’s something so dear and precious about these songs.

I also have serious things on my mind around this time of yearI also have serious things on my mind around this time of year. Last year I helped out at a soup kitchen, and took part in a gift-giving event for homeless people. I brought a bunch of stuff along, as did others.

But I try to do that all year round. My fiancée and I, we go through our clothes a couple of times a year, and give them to different churches and homeless shelters. My thoughts always turn to people living on the streets when it’s so cold – they need these clothes way more than the rest of us with roofs over our heads.

I think there should be a price limit on gifts given. It’s not about the great gift, and this needs to be taught to people from a young age. Kids these days expect a lot from Christmas. And I remember being so excited by that stupid inflatable dinosaur! It probably cost five dollars.

I think we need to rein it in… but then, this is the time of the year when retailers make the majority of their money for the year, so… I dunno. I just wish the business side would get out of it a bit, and it was more about the tradition and the family than the size of the gifts.

I can’t go too much into what I’m going to get for my fiancée because she’s sitting right next to me just now… but I actually don’t feel pressured to give her a big gift, because we have such a great love, and that’s the gift that she gives me and I can give her.

I dunno… honey, are you getting me an expensive gift this year? No? Okay, I don’t have to get her an expensive gift this year. Maybe an inflatable dinosaur.

A Classic Christmas by Matthew Morrison is out now


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