Matthew Morrison: “Only love can overcome loss.”
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Season five of Glee arrives in Italy on September 27, only a day after its first airing in the US. Halfway between musical and comedy, the show keeps gaining fans and recognition all over the world. Cory Monteith’s sudden death, in July, cast a shadow on the whole series. The new season is set between Ohio and New York, with the Glee Club trying to gain another National championship and the adventures of the graduate kids at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts.”It’s been like losing a brother”, says Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr Schuester. Only three episodes of season five have been shot so far, the third one being a tribute to Cory. Then a hiatus, and the remaining episodes from November.Matthew, where does the new season pick up?So far, all the other seasons coincided with school years, but last season ended after half a year, so that’s where we’ll pick it up. It’s a difficult moment in Ohio, while things in New York are getting more and more interesting. Rachel is focusing all her energies on Broadway, and finally manages to sign a contract. We will get to meet the director of the show, and maybe a new love interest. As far as filming goes, we’re still all together in Los Angeles, still one big family.How does your character change this season?Schuester recently got married, so his personal life is more balanced, but his passion and will to bring his club to Nationals haven’t changed. There have been many changes in my character as in everyone else, because of the terrible loss we’ve gone through. It’s hard for everyone, we lean on each other for support. Filming those first three episodes has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, it was like reliving it every day. At the end of the tribute episode, we were all in tears.How did the writers face such a difficult moment?They poured their hearts in the story, their attitude reminded me a lot of the first few episodes, that made people fall in love with Glee. There’s so much love in the tribute episode, I think it’s one of our best ever.What will happen in the story, after Finn’s death?I don’t know. We just finished the tribute episode and I don’t even have the new script. The writers took a break and I have no idea about the direction we’ll take, we’re still all trying to digest what happened.A question that you’ve surely been asked before: why do you think the audience keeps coming back after so many years?I think if you ask this to ten different people, you’ll have ten different answers. Everyone can identify with one of the characters, and we’re all underdogs in our own way. To me, the answer lays in music. Music is the universal language we all speak, and I think the success of the show is there. To me, music has changed its meaning throughout the years. As a young performer I tried my best to perfect my singing, but when you reach technical perfection and become a professional singer, I think your focus shifts more on the genre you want to be identified with. I have a singing career outside of Glee, I’ve released two albums; I love performing on stage, and the interaction with the audience.What do you and your character have in common?The passion Schuester has for teaching and for passing on the gift to others. It’s amazing how music can positively change someone’s life.You’ve been tied to the same character for so long. Do you feel like you lack anything in your professional life?I’ve managed to do many shows, have my own solo acts, amazing dance numbers, and Glee gives me so much that I don’t feel like there’s anything missing from my life. I’m a lucky man.

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