On the wildly-popular television series ‘Glee,’ Matthew Morrison portrays Will Schuester — a likable, if naive, high school teacher on a mission to transform the school’s glee club from outsiders to champions. And while it would be nice to draw some kind of parallel to his real life career, the fact is, Morrison was always something of a champion. He starred on Broadway before he was old enough to drink, has a Tony Award nomination under his belt and has performed at Lincoln Center.And now, seemingly effortlessly thanks to the success of ‘Glee,’ Morrison is signed to Mercury Records as a solo artist. Oh, and by the way, his debut album will feature a duet with Elton John — reportedly a mash-up of John’s iconic hits ‘Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters’ and ‘Rocket Man.’ The album is scheduled for release next month. In the meantime, his first single, ‘Summer Rain,’ dropped at the end of February.A champion? You betcha. His glee club would be proud. So are we — Morrison stopped by the AOL Music studios on Wednesday to film an episode of ‘Sessions.’ It’ll be available to stream on AOL Music beginning on May 2.Source

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