Nowadays, not many shows last five seasons, but Glee made it: on September 27, only 24 hours after the season premiere in the USA, McKinley High teachers and students are back on the Italian screens as well, a phenomenon with over 50 million fans in every continent. “What’s our secret? Music.”, says Matthew Morrison, aka Mr Schuester, the one pushing students to do their best regardless of adversities. “We use music as the universal language we all speak, at the same time tackling many current and very real issues.”Besides “Mr Schue”, as everyone calls him, we will see again Jane Lynch, as the ruthless Sue Sylvester, Lea Michele, as Rachel Berry, daughter of a homosexual couple, and Chris Colfer, lending his soprano voice to Kurt Hummel. We will miss Cory Monteith, the quarterback, tragically passed in July for an overdose. More than just a television series, Glee has become a social phenomenon. Matthew Morrison, a long career on Broadway between Footloose and Rocky Horror Picture Show, agrees. Mr Morrison, could you give us some spoilers about season five?We will see new characters and, since many kids are done with high school, the New York storyline will get more space. We could call it Glee 2.0.Could you give us some more details?The first two episodes will be a Beatles tribute, so you’ll get to hear some of their most famous songs. The third episode will be a tribute to Cory, and it’s some of our very best work ever. We lost Cory. We miss him a lot, and while filming we often had to cut and reshoot the scene, because so many of us were crying. But with his loss the Glee family is even more unite, this tragedy has given us a new knowledge and made us stronger. Will there be any special guests?I’ll tell you who would be my dream guest star: Harrison Ford. I don’t know if he can sing, but I grew up with Indiana Jones and I’ve been a fan since childhood. Besides music, how do you explain the success of the show?Music comes first

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