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Matthew Morrison, the man who’s been inspiring musically inclined outcasts with his catchphrases and whiteboard since 2009, will be performing at the Washington Performing Arts Society Annual Gala and Auction. Mr. Schue’s also got a new album, “Where It All Began”, coming out June 4; he’s the first artist on Adam Levine’s new label, 222 Records. If you are wondering why Levine’s name sounds familiar, you likely know him because (a) he’s the lead singer of Maroon 5, (b) he’s one of the judges on “The Voice” or (c) you are blonde and tall which means, statistically speaking, you’ve probably dated him already.Levine selected Morrison by blind audition and as a prize for having powerhouse pipes, Morrison got to keep one of those big spinning chairs. “Where It All Began” is a spoken-word poetry exploration of the history of the high school glee club, beginning with the catch and glee clubs of the Metropolis founded in the late 1780s. Kidding! It is actually Matthew Morrison singing covers of his favorite Broadway standards. By phone from Los Angeles, Morrison talked about his gig on “Glee”, his Broadway past, and how this whole singing-’n’-dancing thing he’s doing now was actually a total accident.FYI, he is going to be stripping at the WPAS gala: “It’ll basically be a stripped down version of what’s on the album. On the album, it’s with a full orchestra. I’m singing some great Broadway standards that I kind of grew up singing. This is the kind of music that I love.”Retro romantic: “I released my [self-titled] first album last year, and it had a pop sensibility to it, but this album is the album I wanted to make before even that one. I’ve always loved these songs

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