On Saturday night, it didn’t matter if everyone in the Zoellner Arts Center atLehigh University was a fan of swing or musical numbers while watching Matthew Morrison.

They had to hand it to him — the guy can sing.

Morrison was the premiere act for the arts center’s 2013-14 season, and he was the premiere act for a reason. The Broadway and “Glee” actor sung through swing numbers, opening with “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” and put the audience in awe for the rest of the evening.

Though many of the younger ladies in the crowd seemed to be smitten by Morrison (and who can blame them?), he also knows his way around a stage and a microphone.

Joined by an orchestra and the piano man from “Glee,” Brad Ellis, Morrison showed off his skills by singing and dancing, all the while wearing a simple tux with bow tie and a black fedora.

Though Morrison didn’t talk a lot about “Glee,” he wasn’t shy when he chose to sing “Sway,” which he sang in the second season of the show at Burt and Carole’s wedding.

He chose Marlene Finklestine, of Allentown, to dance with during the song. She was able to keep up with him and was even dipped by him.

Finklestine said after the show that it was exciting to dance with Morrison.

“What can I tell you?” she said. “It was very exciting.”

She said she was going to text her daughter to tell her she was able to dance with Morrison. Many other women passing Finklestine said she was a very lucky lady.

Watching Morrison perform alone was refreshing for this “Glee” fan. It was a chance to see another side of his craft that he has been honing for years.

His voice never wavered and neither did his smile.

One thing that makes Morrison a good performer is the emotion he puts into each song. It didn’t matter if it was a sad love song or a fun swing number — you could hear the feeling in his voice.

It was plainly heard during a medley of songs from the musical “West Side Story,” which touched on every major song from the musical, all the while acting as the character Tony.

His final number for the night included his only prop, an umbrella for “Singing in the Rain.” Many “Glee” fans will know he sang that in a mash-up that included Rihanna and Jay Z’s “Umbrella,” with Holly Holiday, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, in Season Two.

Still, it was good to hear the normal version of the song and watch his dancing abilities with the umbrella.

Throughout the night, Morrison talked a little about being on “Glee” and his first experiences on Broadway. He told a story about performing topless at the Lincoln Center in New York, after which he turned away from the audience to undo his tie, though many ladies would’ve wanted to see more come undone.

Overall, Morrison’s performance was something to be enjoyed by all ages and appreciations for music. After all, he was there to support the arts in every capacity, something which he embodies so well.


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