POTP: What’s going on with your character this season?Matthew: Well I think Will and Emma fans are gonna be so happy. There’s so much in store for Will and Emma fans. Will’s gonna pop the question. It’s very exciting to have some great adult storylines again.POTP: But you guys are gonna wait until you get married for… ya know?Matthew: I don’t know! I haven’t seen the scripts where we do the deed yet, but we’ll see. I don’t know.POTP: I remember you did an interview where you said there’ll probably be a lot of sanitizer when that goes on [laughs].Matthew: Yeah [laughs]. There will be a lot of Purell involed!POTP: Are you going to be doing any more singing this season, and is there an artist that you would love to cover?Matthew: I am going to be singing and I am going to be doing an artist that I would love to cover, and that artist is Elvis Presley. POTP: Nice! Your voice would be perfect for that.Matthew: Ya. I think it would be good, well suited.POTP: I know you recorded an album and released that. Have Glee fans supported that effort?Matthew: I did a big solo tour this summer. It was great. It was so much fun. It was so different, performing live. I miss it. That’s my roots, Broadway and just being on stage so for me it was like oxygen. I need to do that.POTP: Do you see yourself doing another album?Matthew: Yes I do.POTP: Are you a part of the long schedules on the set? I know you guys have long days. Do you have a lighter schedule because you’re teaching and not necessarily dancing?Matthew: I kind of have it more so in some cases because I’m in every scene with the kids and every scene with the adults as well. I’m in both worlds so I can’t really get out of it.POTP: How do you keep your energy up?Matthew: Headstands.POTP: Are you serious [laughs]?Matthew: I’m serious. If I’m feeling tired of something, I’ll sit in my trailer and do a headstand and it rushes the blood to my head and it just kind of wakes me up.POTP: Okay. How many of those? One a day?Matthew: Just one when I’m tired, I do a headstand.POTP: So I should do that instead of my energy shot or cup of coffee.** Matthew suddenly gets a very concerned look across his face!Matthew: Energy shots, that’s so bad for you!POTP: I’ve heard that.Matthew: Ya, don’t do those.POTP: I live on those.Matthew: THAT’S SO BAD!POTP: Why? Is it all that caffeine?Matthew: Ya. It’s just messing with your system. Do a headstand, come on!POTP: What if I fall on my face?Matthew: You gotta do it against the wall so you don’t fall.POTP: Okay. so on the set, is there any rivalry on the show with any of the castmates?Matthew: I love that question! Even if there was, I’m not going to say there is, but there isn’t.POTP: I guess it was today or yesterday they announced that Lea isn’t going to go away for a spinoff. How do you feel about that? Do you feel that would be a good idea for certain characters to graduate and be done with the show?Matthew: I was happy to hear that they’re going to graduate but they’re still going to be on the show in some capacity because I really want the people who started this show to be the people to end this show.POTP: I couldn’t imagine the show without those characters!Matthew: I couldn’t either, but it’s the evolution of a show. Who knows what will happen.SourcePart 2 of the interview to be posted soon!—–Note: And the Elvis song Matt is performing in episode 3×12, “The Spanish Teacher”, is…

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