Matthew Morrison’s Solo Album: A Preview!
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The “Glee” star has big (read: global) plans for his debut solo album, due out in May.When Glee goes on hiatus later this year and most of the cast leaves for a summer tour, Matthew Morrison will also be hitting the road, but not as Mr. Schuester. The Broadway leading man-turned-TV star expects to be in full promo mode, working his as-yet-untitled debut solo album, which is due out this Spring. “I want to put all my eggs into music for this hiatus,” Morrison tells THR. “I’ve worked so hard on it, I wanted to give it its due.” Promising a mix of originals and cover songs (one revealed recently by Sir Elton John, who told Parade that he and Morrison had recorded a duet), Morrison recorded tracks for the album in Los Angeles, New York City and London, and collaborated with several writers including Steve Kipner (The Script, Cheryl Cole), JC Chasez, formerly of N Sync, and Britain’s Eg White (Adele, Duffy). “When I started the process, I had a vision of what I wanted it to be, and it’s now completely different,” he says. “I went into it wanting a Justin Timberlake-meets-Michael Buble kind of feel, but what came out of it was something more raw.” Mercury Records president David Massey, who signed Morrison soon after Glee premiered in 2009, says he hears a little Jason Mraz, too. Maybe it’s the ukulele Morrison plays on one song. “It’s going to be an eclectic album,” says Massey. “There’s a lot of charm it and Matthew did some great songwriting.” Adds Morrison: “I have such respect for the songwriting process now.” When Massey first met Matthew Morrison, he was already a fan. “I remember going to the opening night of Hairspray on Broadway all those years ago and seeing Matthew, who struck me as being incredibly talented.” Some time later, the two were formally introduced and not long into the conversation, Massey was convinced that Morrison belonged on the Mercury roster. “I knew he was a triple threat,” says Massey, “a great singer, a great dancer, and a great actor. I was very interested in making a record with him, and he wanted to record and do some songwriting, so we found ourselves very much in harmony.” “This is the hardest I’m ever going to work in terms of trying to be noticed and seen, so I want to push it until I’m 40. Then, I’d love to get behind the camera, produce films and be more involved in the storytelling process.”

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