Matthew Morrison is heading into his fourth season as Will Schuester, a teacher who starts as a high school Spanish instructor and winds up resurrecting the school glee club on Fox’s GLEE. His New Directions musical group finally triumphed in the Nationals in Season Three, and Will proposed to his beloved Emma (Jayma Mays).Going into fourth season this fall, several of Will’s star performers have graduated from McKinley High, though GLEE will follow their adventures in New York, even as it continues to explore Will’s work with a mixture of new and old students back at the high school in Ohio.In real life, Morrison was born in California, but he made his mark in New York as an actor in Broadway plays and musicals. He was nominated for a 2005 Tony for his work in the musical THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and also played Link Larkin in the original production of HAIRSPRAY and Lt. Cable in the revival of SOUTH PACIFIC, among other notable roles.In 2010, Morrison was nominated for a Lead Actor Emmy for his work as Will. Since GLEE has taken off as an international phenomenon, Morrison has toured with his TV cohorts in GLEE concerts, and has toured independently as well. His first solo album, titled simply MATTHEW MORRISON, was released in May of 2011.At a party thrown by Fox for the Television Critics Association, Morrison talks about where he and GLEE have been and where they’re going, both jointly and individually.Morrison says he’s pleased that regulars who’ve been with GLEE since its beginning, like Lea Michele and Cory Montieth, will continue with the series into its fourth season. “Honestly, I didn’t think it was ever going to happen,” Morrison says of the New York storylines. “There was so much back and forth [before] I heard they were still going to be on the show. I’m just happy that the core group we started with on the show will hopefully be the core group we end with.”How this will all play out is not known to Morrison. “The first time I heard of [the continued story for the graduating characters], the first time I heard about a lot of stuff, obviously, it was like right at these things,” he says, referring to a press event. In other words, the actors are not necessarily any more privy to plot threads that don’t involve their own characters than viewers are. “It’s not the big plan to hide it from you guys!”Will having a new group of students change things up greatly for Mr. Schuester? “I guess it’s a whole new set of problems, really,” Morrison replies, “because we [as the high school singing group New Directions] have never been on top before. It’s like we’re coming into the season as national champions, we are now the coolest public school, so everybody wants to audition. So [as the character] I’m having a hard time finding people that are actually passionate about performing. Everyone just wants to be in a club now.”Having a bunch of new young cast members doesn’t worry Morrison. In Season Two, he points out, “We had so many kids. At Sectionals, I think you only have to have twelve, so I think that we’ll get twelve again.”None of the changes strike Morrison as anything difficult. “I think the challenge is more for the writers,” he explains. “For me, it’s going to be kind of the same thing

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