American Horror Story: 1984 – Trailer
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First full trailer of “American Horror Story: 1984”, premiering on September 18 on FX at 10pm.

Matthew to star in “American Horror Story: 1984”
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Ryan Murphy has given fans their first real look at the cast for the upcoming season of “American Horror Story.”

In a video posted on Instagram, Murphy revealed the very ’80s looks of the cast, which includes: DeRon Horton, Billie LourdCody Fern, Leslie Grossman, Matthew Morrison, John Carroll Lynch, and Zach Villa. They join previously announced cast members Emma Roberts, Gus Kenworthy, and “Pose” star Angelica Ross.

The video also solidifies that this season of the series will be inspired by classic slasher films like “Friday the 13th,” with the cast seemingly on the run from a murderer loose in the woods possibly at a summer camp.

Variety exclusively reported earlier this week that series mainstay Sarah Paulson will not be appearing in a major role this season, but it is possible she could appear in a smaller role or cameo. “American Horror Story: 1984” is set to premiere on Sept. 18. FXannounced last year that it has renewed “American Horror Story” for a 10th season, despite Murphy exiting his deal with 20th Century Fox to make the move over to Netflix.


Nathan Johnson

Matthew Morrison and Disney are teaming up for a new album of classic Disney cover tunes. The Tony- and Emmy-nominated entertainer is slated to release his first album with Walt Disney Records in early 2020, and it will feature a personally curated collection of familiar favorites.

“I have never felt so much joy and connection in making an album,” Morrison says in a statement. “Every note, every word I sang was for my son, Revel James. There’s a beautiful feeling of nostalgia that is forever connected to the Disney catalog, and my goal was to deliver an album that reconnects us all to the magic of youth.”

“Matthew has so many talents and we are thrilled that he is putting his voice to Disney classics that are so personal to him,” says Disney Music Group President Ken Bunt.

The upcoming album will be Morrison’s first full-length album since 2013’s Where It All Began. Before that, Morrison issued a self-titled effort in 2011. Morrison has of course been featured on a bevy of Glee albums and singles, in addition to the Broadway cast recordings of Hairspray (2002), the 2008 revival of South Pacific and Finding Neverland (2015).

There’s no word yet on what Disney songs Morrison will cover for the project. 

Morrison is repped by Podwall Entertainment and Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Passman and Brown.

Matthew will also be at the Disney Music Emporium pavilion at Disney D23 Expo on Saturday, August 24 in Anaheim, CA.

Jetblack Summer Shopping Spree Cocktail
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Matthew and Renee attend the Jetblack Summer Shopping Cocktail Night event on May 14, 2019 in New York City.

All the pictures in the gallery.
Watch the full video interview here

As another emotional season of Grey’s Anatomy comes to an end, the only question on every fan’s mind is: who is the next to die? Over the last 15 years, the Shondaland medical drama has done a great job of making us fall in love with a character and then ripping our hearts out when they die a tragic death. With several characters on the line during the season 15 season finale, tensions are high.

One person who knows what that pressure feels like is Matthew Morrison, who played Paul Stadler, the divisive doctor with a violent and dangerous streak. Okay, so maybe no one was sad to see him go, but Morrison sure had a ton of fun playing the evil surgeon.

“To be able to go on Grey’s Anatomy and play a manipulator, a liar…it was awesome!” Morrison quipped when he sat down with SheKnows to talk all things Grey’s. “I had so much fun. My time on Grey’s Anatomy was huge for me. Its easier to do a role like that than it is to do a Mr. Schuster which is a little closer to what I am,” the actor and Broadway veteran said, reflecting on his beloved Glee character.

So, was he surprised when they killed him off so quickly? Umm, yes!. “They killed my character off within four episodes!” While Morrison understands there were narrative reasons for Paul getting the axe, he adds that Grey’s writers may have regretted their decision, telling him they had fallen in love with his character along the way.

But not all hope is lost. Morrison knows just how he can make a big comeback to Grey Sloan Memorial: “Maybe he has a twin brother out there,” he laughs.

BWW Review

Matthew Morrison and Shoshana been lit up the stage at the Strathmore’s Annual Spring Gala in North Bethesda on Saturday. The evening started out with Shoshana Bean‘s jazz set which perfectly showcased her incredible voice. Bean’s set included many songs from her 2018 album “Spectrum” which she expressed was an album that was rooted in and inspired by music from her childhood. Bean opened her set with a song from this album entitled “Remember the Day” – an electrifying jazz song which showcased Bean’s exquisite voice and personality. She had the audience in the palm of her hand from the first note. Bean continued with songs from “Spectrum” including “I Wanna Be Around” and “Strange Thunder.” Bean introduced her music director and producer David Cook who was on piano, and exclaimed to Cook that “you’re one of my favorite people to make music with.” The Bean and Cook pair made some exceptional music which resonated gracefully, throughout the beautiful Strathmore music hall.

[…] “Please welcome the Tony, Grammy, and Emmy, nominated stage and screen star Matthew Morrison” said a voice which the audience came to realize was actually Matthew Morrisoncomically introducing himself as he hid behind his hat and walked onto the stage. Morrison opened his set with Sinatra’s “The Lady is a Tramp” which was simply amazing. Morrison had the audience laughing yet again when he nervously pointed out that he has “such a tough act to follow” in regards to Bean’s powerhouse opening performance. Then Morrison charmed the audience when he dedicated the song “As Long as He needs me” to his now eighteen month old son, Revel.

The majority of the second half of Morrison’s set was dedicated to musical theatre hits. Morrison started this segment with “On the Street Where you Live” from Lerner and Lowe’s My Fair Lady. Morrison then introduced, Brad Ellis on the piano, who was sure to note that he was also on Glee. Morrison continued to thrill the audience with a medley from West Side Story which included the songs: “When You’re a Jet, America, Officer Krumpke, and Maria.” Continuing the support of arts education, Morrison brought out the Strathmore Children’s Chorus who are the Young Artists of America. This group of talented children joined Morrison for his Finding Neverland medley of songs from the Broadway show which included: “Neverland and Stronger.” He then transitioned into “Zippadee doo dah and The Bare Necessities” –the Disney medley that Morrison gracefully sang with a ukulele in hand. Continuing his Disney theme, Morrison joked with telling the staff that he wanted Shoshana out for a duet with him. Finally, he looked off stage and invited her on to perform “A Whole New World” from Aladdin together. This was a truly magical moment. Morrison and Bean together are nothing short of exceptional.

DC Metro Review

Headlining the evening’s concert performance were the singularly talented Matthew Morrison (interviewed here by DCMTA’s Nicole Hertvik) and Shoshana Bean. The Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe-nominated Matthew Morrison may be best known in popular culture as Mr. Schuester from the television show Glee, but the Broadway community will know him for his twenty-year stage career in roles such as Link Larkin in the original Broadway cast of Hairspray, Fabrizio Nacarelli in The Light in the Piazza (which gained him a Tony nomination), Lieutenant Cable in a Lincoln Center production of South Pacific, and most recently as J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland.

[…]A quick change of pianist and the evening moved into an entirely different feel; from jazz club with Bean to Broadway stage with the one and only Matthew Morrison. Starting with a collection of ballads from his Where It All Began album, “The Lady is Tramp,” “As Long as He Needs Me” from Oliver (in honor of his 18-month old son), and “On the Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady all showcased Morrison’s longtime love of the performing arts. A skilled dancer and boundlessly energetic entertainer, he filled every inch of the stage with personality, cheek, and flair, especially in a West Side Story medley featuring Jet Song / Something’s Coming / Cool / America / Maria, and a Gene Kelly-inspired “Singin’ in the Rain” that was as joyous as it was exuberant. Much like musicals themselves, which turn to song when an emotion is stronger than words’ ability to convey it, Morrison seemed moved to dance when his music needed to be carried farther than the notes could take it.

Highlights from the remainder of his set (too numerous to mention all of) included a Finding Neverland medley with Strathmore Children’s Chorus and Young Artists of America singers (Neverland / Stronger), “A Whole New World” duet with Bean, and a vivacious Hairspray medley (Good Morning Baltimore / Nicest Kids in Town / Welcome to the ’60s / Big, Blonde, and Beautiful / Without Love / You Can’t Stop the Beat) all proving what no one in attendance had any doubt of, that Morrison possesses what the very best Broadway performers have: the ability to radiate a story from every inch of themselves.

It has been almost 10 years since Glee first graced our televisions, and Matthew Morrison — a.k.a. Mr. Schuester — is looking back on the Fox series that shot him to stardom.

Morrison, 40, played Glee club director Will Schuester from the series premiere in 2009 until its curtain call in 2015. While the show delivered iconic musical performances and beloved characters, it faced real-life tragedy over the course of its run and beyond.

“I have very fond memories of the show, I like looking back on [it],” the actor tells PEOPLE at TUSHY’s Funeral for a Tree in NYC on Thursday. “It was a hard show with the filming schedule and the tragedies and all that stuff.” […]

Despite the hardships the cast faced, Morrison says he still gets positive feedback about the show.

“Having people come up to me all the time and saying how much it affected their lives, so many real-life moments that had tangible effects on people’s lives — for me that was the biggest reward from the show,” he says.

That said, Morrison admits he wouldn’t rejoin the Glee world for a TV remake, but a concert could be a different story.

“I feel like it had its moment right at the right time, and now it’s on Netflix so a whole new generation is starting to watch it,” he explains. “I would totally be interested in doing a reunion concert, where we can do this awesome night for some great foundation.”

The actor — along with raising 16-month-old son Revel — is dedicated towards environmental efforts. On Thursday, he hosted Funeral For a Tree in New York City on behalf of TUSHY, the chic bidet company focused on reducing toilet paper usage to conserve the environment.

And while his Glee days are behind him, Morrison’s passion remains singing and dancing — and his next upcoming project will highlight just that.

“I’m working on this project called Museum of Dance, and it’s this immersive theater experience where we do different decades of dance history,” he says. “You actually learn the history of dance while dancing through history. We are launching in D.C. this October, and it will be here in the spring of 2020.”


Broadway fans are in for a treat as Matthew Morrison (GleeThe Light in the Piazza) and Shoshana Bean (WickedWaitress) will be headlining Strathmore’s Spring Gala Concert this weekend.

Morrison and Bean are no strangers to working together. Both cut their Broadway teeth in the original cast of Hairspray (2002). “There is great history between us,” Morrison said of Bean, “we really started our careers together and I’m excited to be onstage with her again.”

Morrison and Bean will each perform their own set at Strathmore, but the pair will perform a few songs together as well. Fans can expect a very Broadway-focused concert. “I’ll perform songs from my past albums and shows I’ve been in,” Morrison said. Shows that include TV’s Glee, Broadway’s FootlooseHairsprayThe Light in the Piazza, Finding Neverland, and more.

At heart, Morrison is a song and dance man. Dance is his great love and his classic moves often earn him comparison to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. “I like to show off a little bit in my concerts,” he said. “Rather than rely on background dancers, I like to do it all myself and really connect with the audience.”

Morrison is equally grateful for the role that introduced him to audiences beyond Broadway: Teacher Will Schuester in Glee, which had a highly-successful six-year run on Fox from 2009 to 2015. “Glee opened up my career in a way I never thought possible,” he said. “Being known to a wider audience beyond Broadway has given me the ability to interact with diverse audiences and tailor my work to each opportunity.”

Following his concert at Strathmore, Morrison plans to take a cross-country road trip with his family before returning to a multitude of potential projects: an album, a TV show, a performance piece.

In life and onstage, Morrison is happy to be in the present and take things as they come. “It’s more exciting when you don’t have everything planned,” he said, “to live in those moments of awkwardness and insecurity.”At heart, Morrison is a song and dance man. Dance is his great love and his classic moves often earn him comparison to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. “I like to show off a little bit in my concerts,” he said. “Rather than rely on background dancers, I like to do it all myself and really connect with the audience.”

Morrison credits meditation with keeping him grounded in the present and enabling him to improvise onstage. “I used to strive for the perfect performance,” he said. “Now I like to go off-script in my solo shows.”

Fatherhood has also taught Morrison, now 40, to live in the moment. Since his son Revel was born in 2017, Morrison has taken a step back from long-term projects. He took a full year off work after becoming a father and is now more selective in what he takes on. “The job has to be worth it,” he said of work that takes him away from family. “It’s funny because I used to think I didn’t have time for things and now that I’m a father I realize how much time I actually used to have!”

In that time, Morrison developed a solid career on Broadway and beyond. After making a splash as heartthrob Link Larkin in Hairspray, Morrison earned great acclaim – and a Tony nomination – for his portrayal of Fabrizio Naccarelli in Adam Guettel’s The Light in the Piazza (2005).

Morrison credits his experience in Piazza as the most fundamental to his growth as an artist. “It was one of those moments where you doubt yourself but come out stronger on the other side,” he said of the role that required him to sing opera and speak mostly in Italian. “There’s not much now that challenges me the way that did and I’m grateful for the experience.”


Matthew and Renee attended a charity performance of the Broadway musical “The Prom”, hosted by Ryan Murphy, on April 9, 2019 at the Longacre Theatre in New York City.

“Room To Grow” Spring Benefit
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Matthew and Renee attend the Spring Benefit for “Room To Grow” on April 4, 2019 in New York City.

Gallery: “Room To Grow” Spring Benefit

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