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Matthew holds a MTU Master Class
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Accompanist Roxanne Ward and No Square eater’s Bree Burgess Rosen, le , with Matthew Morrison, second from right, star of Emmy-nominated “Glee,” and director David Green last week at a master class. Matthew held a Master Class at Musical Theater University Summer Stock a few days ago. :)SourceHQ picture here.Note: David Green was Matthew’s teacher at OCHSA. 🙂

Will Schuester is feeling all sorts of things

‘Glee’ star gives back to O.C. teens
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[…] Perched on the back of a chair, Morrison held forth. Like: “Make good, strong choices” in auditions. “I want to make the casting director remember me.” Even if it’s for the part that’s five auditions down the line. (One of his strong choices: Learning to play “Over the Rainbow” on the ukulele for his New York “South Pacific” audition.)And: “Don’t do a Shakespearean monologue for anything unless you’re auditioning for Shakespeare.” (His favorite Shakespearean actor: Kevin Kline .)He shared some insider stuff, like: He took the wiener-dog figurine in his classroom on the “Glee” set from the real classroom of a favorite teacher, wiener-dog fanatic and English instructor Phil Doran of Los Alamitos High.Morrison can be self-effacing: He admitted he didn’t make it into OCSHA his first try. But he usually goes for the laugh first. Asked, “Do you follow an acting technique?” Morrison shot back: “Being good.” Then he offered: Don’t follow any one method, but use pieces of many that work. Work on all three disciplines: acting, singing and dancing.”When it comes to working with Jane Lynch, how do you not pee your pants?” someone asked.”I do. … They have an extra set of pants for me.”His goal: “I want to build performing arts high schools all over the country. … You get to be a celebrity, and you can either be a douche … or you can do something.”Source

Matthew’s Teen Choice Awards Style!
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Matthew Morrison kept it cool in a Boss Black button-down shirt. He also wore a pair of Levi’s Skinny 511 jeans in Dark Tunnel. Source…and in case you’re wondering about the shoes: they’re his old favourite boots he wears absolutely everywhere. 😉

New Photoshoot for Mercury Records
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Matthew’s official site on Mercury Records just uploaded 3 pictures, one of those new.More here!

More pictures here!

Watch this amazing guy. “You can still Message 27722 and make a $10 contribution by texting “Kids.” It’ll get you a starring role on “Glee” next season! No it won’t – but it’ll help a kid and that’s pretty good too.”

Fan Pictures Album added!
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I’ve just added a “Fan Pictures” album to the gallery.Were you so lucky as to meet Matthew and snag a picture? Share it with fellow fans! :)Email me at for submissions! 🙂

Fox TCA All Stars Party Interview from ET!
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Matt is at the beginning, at the 1:30 mark and at the 2:50 mark. 🙂

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