Matthew and Renee attend the 26th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in West Hollywood, CA, on March 4, 2018.

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Matthew Morrison’s 5-month-old son Revel will never have that problem in school where the teacher calls out a name and five different kids look up. We’re looking at you, David and Michael.

Morrison told Us Weekly on Wednesday, March 1, that he and his wife, Renee Puente, spent a long time deliberating over monikers for their first born before deciding on Revel — “Rev” for short. 

“My wife’s name is Renee, and I’m Matthew, obviously,” Morrison told Us at the Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party press preview day in West Hollywood. “We wanted our boy to have an R name . . . and we just kind of came with different R names.”

The couple kicked around “Ryder” and “Ryner” until one day it just came to them. 

“We were just having a conversation and talking about how we want to revel in our child, just revel in love,” explained the 39-year-old dad. “It’s not really a typical name, but it’s not so weird.”

The Glee alum added: “The thing we didn’t really anticipate was, whenever I say his name, some people are like, ‘Rebel?’ That’s the only hard thing.”

hough Morrison, who has been involved with the Elton John AIDS foundation for more than a decade, was thrilled to be at the event, he admitted it was hard to be away from his infant. 

“I hate leaving my kid with anyone. We’d rather have him around,” he said. “For things like this, it’s a special night. We’re hermits. We never go out!”

But Morrison and Puente aren’t having any trouble keeping their romance alive. “We’ll put him to bed a little early,” he told Us, “Then we’ll just go downstairs and cook an amazing meal together.”

US Magazine

The X Mag cover photoshoot: video
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Stage and screen hearrthrob Matthew Morrison chats about how becoming a father has changed his career, what he loves about New York City vs. LA and date days with his wife, Renee, at Issue 004 cover shoot at Garcia House in Los Angeles.

Matthew Morrison and wife Renee Puente were on a date night. But all the Glee star wanted to talk to Us Weekly about was their infant son, [Revel] James Mak[a]i. 

“He’s intensified the love I have for life,” the Glee star, 39, told Us at Todd Snyder’s fashion show – which was presented by Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters — on Monday, February 5. “The baby is three and a half months and he’s finally noticing us and realizing how important we are to him and his survival.”

Indeed, when the actor and Renee went out one eveningthey got a call from the nanny. “She’s like, ‘OK, he’s fine, but you need to get home!’” Puente recalled to Us. When she entered James’ nursery, it was clear he was upset that Mom and Dad hadn’t included him in their plans. “He waslikeangry, making out with my face!” she laughed. “I would turn around and he would pull my hair. It was the most glorious unconditional love.”

Puente who joked that she could have 20 kids, added that doesn’t regret waiting a few years to expand their family. “It’s, like, thank God we did everything we could before had babies,” she told Us. “We had every last conversation. We had every last travel and adventure together and we were ready for this new element to come and just sweep us off our feet feet. And he did. He did.”

Though the couple are still getting to know their nugget, it appears he takes after Morrison, who has appeared in three Broadway musicalsincluding Hairspray and Footloose. “We sing to him all the time,” the actor told Us. “He lights up.”

US Magazine

Matthew and Renee attend the Todd Snyder fashion show at New York Fashion Week on February 5, 2018.

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Grey’s Anatomy – “Personal Jesus” Promo
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Promo for episode 14×10 of Grey’s Anatomy with Matthew guest starring as Dr Paul Stadler. “Personal Jesus” airs on Thursday, January 25, at 8/7c on abc.

Matthew on Grey’s Anatomy – Midseason promo
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Matthew guest stars as Dr Paul Stadler on the Midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, airing on Thursday, January 18, at 9/8c on abc.

Matthew performs “Say It Somehow” from The Light In The Piazza at 54 Below in NYC on January 9, 2018.

Matthew sings “On The Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady and “Il Mondo Era Vuoto” from The Light In The Piazza.

Matthew Morrison Sizzles at Feinstein’s/54 Below
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Matthew Morrison, is known for starring in Glee, but long before that he treaded the boards of Broadway in Hairspray, The Light in the Piazza, South Pacific and most recently Finding Neverland. Now he is performing at Feinstein’s/54 Below until January 13th and this is a show not to miss. Morrison exudes a natural sex appeal. He claims in his show, that Feinstein’s/54 Below is the sexiest room, but this is the sexiest show, as Morrison seduces his audience with charisma galore. Starting off with a crooning “Nice N Easy,” Morrison entered from the front of the room, making audience members swoon with joy as he passed their table. Sounding and oozing the same charge, that Frank Sinatra did. His smooth stylings gave way to a man with a heart, when a young girl almost fainted with glee, was allowed a selfie with him. I have never seen anyone as delighted as this girl was. All night the cell camera’s were zoomed in so as not to miss a moment.

Next up was a sinful “On The Street Where You Live.” All I can say is if the revival of My Fair Lady has this version, it is sure to smolder.

Father to 12-week-old son Revel James Makail, John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change” brought lyrics that really affected the singer, but it was “As Long As He Needs Me” from Oliver that his emotional ties to his son came through. The arrangement had Jimmy Emerson on flute and it added to the plaintiveness of the song. Also on “Waiting on the World to Change” there were some mean solos by Emerson on Sax and Daniel Kalischer on guitar.

Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine” showed off the singers dancing skills, as well as some soul. Morrison feeds off the energy of his fans as he gyrated with a sinewy grace. During the song his hand slide down the mike as if making love to it and I can guarantee most of the audience wished it was them instead of that mike.

In “Hey There” from Pajama Game, Morrison oozed boyish charm as he played the ukulele. This was in tribute to his first gig as a back-up singer for Don Ho.

Brad Ellis, the arranger from Glee, is Morrison’s musical director and played the keys, but it was his arrangement of Cole Potter’s “It’s Alright With Me” that rocked the house. Morrison pulled some Bob Fosse moves that shook the house. Bass player Gary Wicks and drummer Pete Antunes also showed mad skills.

“We Kiss In The Shadow” was Morrison’s tribute to gay marriage and what life was like before acceptance.

His South Pacific medley made me want to see his performance and made me realize what a talented musician this man truly is.

Nominated for a Tony Award for his performance as Fabrizio in The Light In The Piazza “Il Mondo Era Vuoto,” was my favorite of the night. Stating “that show was the hardest I’ve ever done. It’s also the highlight of my career,” he vocally soared. It is in a more classical sound, that Morrison impresses and impress he does.

Keeping us up to date with the shows he has performed in, a Finding Neverland medley followed. A nine-minute Hairspray medley had Morrison rocking and rolling. It is clear he has a complete love for this show.

“Come Rain or Come Shine/ Basin Street Blues” allowed the whole band to show off. Morrison surrounds himself with some of best musicians and the caliber of this show is exceptional. For opening night Morrison’s guest was his wife Renee and the curtain call number was a medley of two Beatle songs for the girl who has knitted his young sons caps.

Morrison is personable and makes sure that everyone has a great seat and a fabulous time. His humor is a little sarcastic, but with a devilish charm.  Morrison has that “it” factor and has talent galore. How Broadway hasn’t snatched him up to star in a role written for him is beyond puzzling. Do not miss this show as it is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

Times Square Chronicles

Matthew Morrison found his passion at a young age. The lightbulb in his soul turned on when he was ten-years old. It happened when his parents placed him into a children’s theater production of a show called The Herdmans go to Camp. And that was it. “I grew up as an only child and often felt lonely. But I was always creative. My imagination was always going and I made up new worlds,” shares the Emmy-, Golden Globe- and Tony-nominated Glee star and Broadway veteran. “Doing the show was the first time in my life where I got to use what was in my imagination and put it out into the world. It was focused into something.”

This monster-sized talent has been acting, dancing and singing ever since. In fact, this month Morrison is performing live at the glamorous 147-seat supper club Feinstein’s/54 Below. The shows will include standards and beloved songs from his past productions including Hairspray, The Light In The Piazza, South Pacific, Finding Neverland and Glee. Plus, the audience will have some surprises. “We have a special guest star every single night,” says Morrison. “I have a great list of people coming to sing a song with me.”

The concerts mark one of the first times that Morrison will be stepping onstage as a father. “Life is so amazing, and I’m very happy,” offers the proud papa. He and his wife Renee welcomed their son Revel this past October. “I feel a new energy, a new passion, a new light. All I want to do is share what I’m feeling now,” he reveals. “I’m excited to have the energy that is flowing through me flow through the audience. I hope they will feel what I’m feeling.”

What is the joy of doing your show at Feinstein’s/54 Below? 

I love performing there. I am such a song and dance man. My shows usually incorporate a lot of dance. However, it’s kind of hard to dance on that small stage. But that forces me to change up my show a little and give in to the intimacy. I can really connect with the audience in less of a showman way. It’s really about connection. That space is so beautiful. I love the history of the room. [It was once the basement of the disco Studio 54.] Also, I love being in touch with the Broadway community, which is my family. It’s always good to go back.

What has becoming a dad been like for you?

There are few times in your life where you get to hit that reset button. It is so great to go on this new journey and be a lot less selfish. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about my son.

Does Revel sing?
He coos a lot. I wouldn’t call it singing. We’re not quite at that stage. We’re just getting to the stage when he’ll look at us and actually smile. That is everything!

What do you sing to him?

We sing a lot to him. We sing the lullaby from Finding Neverland [“Sylvia’s Lullaby”] all the time. Every morning as soon as he wakes up my wife and I sing “Good morning, good morning. You slept the whole night through.” That is our wake up song.

Would you like to do another Broadway show?

It is always something that I’m thinking about and is on my plate. I have a great team of people who are on the search for something. I also have my sights set on a specific show that I want to revive. Unfortunately, I can’t expel what that show is. It is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. The pieces are starting to fall together.

And I love being a part of new works. Growing up and listening to all these Broadway cast albums, it’s so special to be a part of an original Broadway cast. There is something wonderful about being the first one to create a show and put your stamp on it. You’re the person they always compare the character to.

During your concert you sing songs that are beloved classics. How do you choose them? 

Those songs connect with me. There is so much music out today where you can tell that the story was secondary. Nowadays, it’s all about coming up with a cool beat. But with classic songs, they’re telling a story with music and lyrics. Sometimes those stories are very simple. I love that. It’s all about the performer getting up there and putting meaning behind these simple stories. The combination of a performer and these beautiful songs can take a simple song and make it deep, reflective and stunning.

What inspired you  and photographer Zach McDuffie to launch your gifts for dads and adventure gear company Sherpapa?

It’s unlike anything I have ever done. As an actor and singer, I am always worried about my next job and how it’s not in my hands. It is basically up to producers or the director to give me a job. Fortunately, I’m in a position where I can create a lot of my own stuff.  Still, at the end of the day, I’m an actor for hire.

This business has forced me to use a completely different part of my brain. I think of an idea for a product and how to make it. Our big first prototype was a universal diaper bag. For men our only option was to use our wives’ diaper bags, which often has a big pink elephant on it. Otherwise, a backpack is not really functional.

We created a really cool gear bag that is for all seasons of fatherhood. In the baby market, I discovered that everything you buy is disposable. You use something for a year and then it is garage sale fodder. We are trying to be environmentally conscious and come up with products that will be heirloom quality. These are diaper bags. But eventually I want to use it to hold my tools to fix my son’s first apartment. And one day I will pass it down to him.

What do you miss about doing Glee

Glee was such an important part of my life, and so special. I think I took it for granted when it was going on because it all happened so fast. We were on this crazy rollercoaster ride. We were a huge, successful hit right away. I didn’t really have a chance to process things.

I’m proud that we really tackled some great storylines. I believe we helped a lot of people figure out things like being gay in high school or having a teenage pregnancy or being bullied. A family could watch this television show together, and at the end of the episode have a great conversation about what they just watched. Hopefully, we changed some lives along the way.

Morrison will perform at Feinstein’s/54 Below January 6 to 13.


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