Pop on the Pop interview – part 2!
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Second part of the Pop on the Pop interview done at the 2012 Fox Winter TCA. The first part can be read here.POTP: So Ricky Martin and Nene Leakes [are guest starring this season]. Is Nene still on the show?Matthew: Yes, she’s doing this episode we’re doing right now. I haven’t met her yet. I haven’t done any scenes with her. I actually didn’t know who she was.POTP: You’re not a Real Housewives fan [laughs]?Matthew: Come on [laughs]! I don’t watch reality shows. I never watch TV unless it’s sports.POTP: What sports?Matthew: Right now I’m into the playoffs, football. Baseball, soccer, any sport, ESPN.POTP: And your hair. Is that a natural curl? You know Sue Sylvester’s always talking about your hair.Matthew: I actually tried to straighten it out a little bit today, but ya, it’s all natural.POTP: And are you single?Matthew: I am right now.POTP: But you’re, like, always single, as far as I know. Why is that?Matthew: It could be the best kept secret in Hollywood that I’m courting away my girlfriend.POTP: Are there phantom girlfriends that nobody can know about [laughs]?Matthew: I definitely have a girlfriend.POTP: Is she an actress?Matthew: No she’s not.POTP: And you don’t take her on red carpets? Oh no!Matthew: This is work, ya know. I’m going to be doing all these interviews with people and she’s just going to be standing here.POTP: How long have you been with her?Matthew: It’s been a while.POTP: At least a year?Matthew: Yes.POTP: So you’re going to get married next year [laughs]?Matthew: Haha [laughs].POTP: I’m kidding. Thank you!Matthew: Thank you. It was so nice to finally meet you!SourceRead every interview Matt has ever done here!

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