Schue’s That Boy? – Daily Mirror interview!
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Glee heartthrob Matthew Morrison is branching out by releasing his debut album.As Glee’s all-singing, all-dancing teacher Mr Schuester, Matthew Morrison has now become a megastar. But now, as the 32-year-old Californian releases his self-titled debut album, he reveals why he wants to ditch his squeaky clean image and why he won’t stay in Glee forever…Are you nervous about your album?Not really, but I think there was a lot of expectation because people knew me and I felt pressure because I wanted to write my own songs. Before I tour myself I’m joining New Kids On The Block as a special guest, which is a great way to gain new fans. Two years ago someone called Lady Gaga also opened for NKOTB. Things have happened for her!What were you like in High School?I was like Finn in Glee. I was popular, I performed the lead in all the shows, but I also played soccer. I was really torn, but my teacher, my Mr Schuester, said he thought I was special and should go for it.Do you enjoy fame?I don’t necessarily like it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Once you’re famous you can’t go back. I really enjoyed my struggle and I’m proudest of my theatre work as it was always my dream to be a Broadway star. But I never wanted to be famous. I’m a home boy, I love cooking, drinking wine and entertaining friends at home.You’re single. How difficult is it for you to meet genuine women now?The thing is, people have a preconceived notion of who you are. You’d think I get more female attention, but it’s not the case. I think people are intimidated. There were rumours about you and your co-star Gwyneth Paltrow. Did they bother you?It used to but not any more. Gwyneth and I talked about it. It sucked because we did become really good friends and were really close. She was great and told the media, ‘Matt is my friend and you will see us out together’.Would you agree that you have a squeaky clean image?Yes, I suppose so. The other day I was talking about going out and gangbanging as a kid. They were like, buddy, that means something different in England. In America it just means hanging out with a gang! I’m trying to dirty up that squeaky clean image and want to break away from Mr Schue. So you won’t stay in Glee forever?I don’t think anyone wants to be in a role forever. Although Glee is amazing, I have so much in the tank that is just hungry to go. That’s why I wanted to do the album and go on tour. It’s my chance to be in front of a live audience. I’ll probably do another couple of seasons of Glee, but I really want to get back on stage in the theatre.Do you have famous mates now?Yes! Have I got Elton John’s mobile number? I couldn’t possibly tell you. Someone might steal my mobile! I don’t really get starstruck, but it was amazing being in the studio with Elton. I love singing with people and I have duets with him, Sting and Gwyneth on the album. Next time I’d love to do something with Bruno Mars or Adele.Isn’t President Obama a fan?Yes, I’ve met him seven times. The first time I was singing Springtime For Hitler from The Producers and I was in a full Nazi uniform when he came backstage. He joked, ‘I’m probably not going to have my picture taken with you!’Your hair gets a lot of attention. Are you contracted not to cut it?No. In fact I nearly shaved it all off right before this trip. Sometimes you just want to rebel, but then you can turn into Britney Spears. People think you’re crazy. Do you actually watch Glee?I’ll watch every episode once just to learn from it. My pet peeve is my wrinkly forehead, but I wouldn’t get Botox. I’m comfortable with myself. How do you keep fit?I eat well and I’m a huge runner. I probably do 35 to 40 miles a week. It keeps my mind at peace and is a good meditation. Have you had many crazy fan experiences?I’ve had people following me home or standing outside my house. It’s strange, I just don’t think people were meant to be worshipped or idolised. The weirdest was here in London when this lady got me cupcakes in the shape of boobs!What advice would you give your own high school self?Stay true to yourself and keep your friends close. Also – and this is something I need to do more – enjoy it. Sometimes I feel like this whole Glee thing is so crazy and busy it’s just passing me by. Source

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