Matthew taped an episode of Inside the Actors’ Studio in NYC yesterday, along with Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Ryan Murphy. There episode is supposed to air in January 2012 on Bravo; the exact date hasn’t been released yet. While we wait, check out some bits from the evening’s Q&A:What is your favorite word?Matt: Conundrum.Jane: Chimichanga.Cory: Literally.Lea: Joyously.Chris: Reciprocate.Ryan: Yes.What is your least favorite word?Matt: Boring.Jane: Fecal.Cory: Hmm..I don’t know..ask [Lea]!Lea: Delay.Chris: Rehearsal.Ryan: Turnaround.What turns you on?Matt: Eye contact.Jane: First cup of coffee of the day.Cory: People who are passionate, inspired.Lea: Food.Chris: Controlled danger.Ryan: [couldn’t make it out, sorry! feel free to check the audio post]What turns you off?Matt: I’ll steal Jane’s…fecal.Jane: Contempt prior to investigation.Cory: Ignorance or bigotry.Lea: Laziness.Chris: Um, I was going to say ‘ignorance,’ but I’ll say call times. Early morning call times.Ryan: Prejudice.What sound or noise do you love?Matt: Waterfall.Jane: Live guitar.Cory: Loud music.Lea: I love when you go see a Broadway show and they click your ticket and it goes, di-ding!Chris: Chimes in the wind.Ryan: Dogs snoring.What sound or noise do you hate?Matt: The sound of rats.Jane: My phone ringing.Cory: People who talk too loud.Lea: My alarm clock in the morning.Chris: Sirens.Ryan: The noise that trash trucks make.What’s your favorite curse word?Matt: Mutha-fucka! …Bitch, slut.Jane: Fuckaduck.Cory: Fuck?Lea: Fucking asshole.Chris: I love when people have uncontrollable Tourette’s, you know, like – SHIT.Ryan: Fuck.What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?Matt: Gynecologist.Jane: Barista.Cory: Airline pilot.Lea: Chef.Chris: A Disney Imagineer.Ryan: A landscape architect.What profession would you absolutely not like to attempt?Matt: The dean of a school.Jane: Commissioned telemarketing.Cory: Accountant.Lea: Well unless [Cory was] my pilot, I would say flight attendant.Chris: Septic tank repairman.Ryan: Exterminator.If Heaven exists what would like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?Matt: “Matthew, your grandparents are right over there and they made you a Jack and ginger.”Jane: “Good girl, woof!”Cory: “Sorry I haven’t been around – there’s a good explanation.”Lea: I would want my grandpa to say to me, “Ya dun good, kid.”Chris: “Don’t listen to them – you get to come in too.”Ryan: I can’t top that. “You did good. You did good.”Listen to the Q&A here: Credit for the transcript and audio

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