Space Station 76 – a new movie
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Matthew has a cameo in a new independent movie, Space Station 76, that premiered on March 8 at SXSW in Austin, TX. Here’s the synopsis:

The story takes place on the Omega 76, a refueling station hovering out in space. Patrick Wilson is at the helm as the ship’s disgruntled captain, Glenn. Things haven’t been the same since his assistant captain, Daniel (Matthew Morrison), left and even though his replacement, Jessica (Liv Tyler), is the best of the best, Glenn has zero patience for her concerns regarding the threat of asteroid pockets. Meanwhile, Matt Bomer’s Ted is hard at work as the ship’s mechanic while his wife, Misty (Marisa Coughlan), prances around with their daughter, Sunshine (Kylie Rogers), until she feels like knocking on Steve’s (Jerry O’Connell) door, leaving Sunshine to entertain herself all on her own.

You’ll be able to catch Bomer’s robotic hand in action, meet Omega 76’s in-house psychiatrist, Doc Bot, spend some time with Sunshine’s doomed pets and more soon enough because Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions just scored the international rights to the film.


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