People Magazine – Just Married!
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Scan from the November 3 issue of People Magazine.

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Matthew featured in OC Metro Magazine!
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Matthew is featured on the September 2014 issue of OC Metro Magazine, in the “Power Profile” section.

OC Metro Magazine (September 2014)



“My Life In Music”: Now magazine interview!
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New magazine scan from the latest issue of Now Magazine UK.Gallery –> Magazine Scans –> Now Magazine UK (December 2013)click on the image to view the HQ

Matthew talks about his upcoming wedding, Glee and Cory Monteith in the latest issue of OK! Magazine UK.

Magazine scans: Glamour UK and Hello!
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Newly released articles on UK magazines.Magazine Scans –> Glamour UK (July 2013)Magazine Scans –> Hello magazine (July 2013)

Matthew comments on some scrapbook pictures in the Notebook feature of the Sunday Mirror (June 16)!

Magazine Scans –> Sunday Mirror (June 2013).

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New interview on Attitude UK: magazine scans!
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Newly released interview with Attitude Magazine UK.Magazine Scans –> Attitude UK (June 2013) Media –> Where It All Began: Press

Matthew talks about “Where It All Began”, his love life and Glee in two new interviews on Reveal and Cosmopolitan UK! Click on the pictures to view the HQs.Magazine Scans –> Reveal Magazine (June 2013) Magazine Scans –> Cosmopolitan UK (June 2013)Media –> Where It All Began: Press

Newly added magazine scans of interviews with Luxury magazine, US Weekly and People.Magazines Scans -> Modern Luxury (June 2013)Magazines Scans -> US Weekly (June 2013)Magazines Scans -> People (June 2013)Media –> Where It All Began: Press

Matthew Morrison, Honestly

School’s out for much of the country, to the great joy of students and—let us not forget—their teachers. Among the newly-freed faculty is Will Schuester, one-time Spanish instructor and glee club mentor at McKinley High, and a character on Fox’s Glee. Schuester is played by actor Matthew Morrison, who has chosen to spend his hard-earned hiatus…at work.

But that’s not how Morrison—who’s right now on the road supporting Where It All Began, his new album of standards and songs from musicals—sees it. Instead, what he’s doing is a labor of love. While many people know Morrison from the small screen, he got his start on Broadway in Hairspray, followed by leading roles in The Light in the Piazzaand South Pacific. “I made this album for my theater fans, because I feel like I’ve neglected them for the past four years, ” Morrison said in a recent interview with DuJour, “and I wanted to give them something.”

In terms of his album, that “something” features his revamped versions of “Singin’ in the Rain,” “The Lady Is a Tramp,” “Send in the Clowns,” a medley from West Side Story, “Ease on Down the Road” (done as a duet with Smokey Robinson) and other favorites. Morrison’s recent live shows are a mix of song and dance, kind of like what his idol Gene Kelly used to do. “From a young age, I looked up to him and aspired to be like him,” Morrison said. “I don’t think there are many people that do that anymore.”

Until now. DuJour chatted with Morrison, who opened up—quite honestly—about the future of Glee, LGBT equality, his own relationship and having the chance to be the show-and-dance man he’s always wanted to be. Read the interview below, and catch him on the road or watch him in a PBS special airing this month.

Your album is the first release from 222 Records, Adam Levine’s label. How did that happen?

It was the easiest thing. I’ve been in L.A. for four years now and Adam lives there, and we’ve become friendly over time. We got to talking one day since he has such an affinity for this style of music.

Really? Mr. “Moves Like Jagger” likes show tunes?

I know; you wouldn’t think it. He’s a pop rock guy, but he’s actually recorded a few standards himself. When I told him I’ve always wanted to make an album like this, he said, “Well, let’s make it.” He’s been so amazing because he’s an artist, and he knows how artists should be treated. He was really kind of hands off in letting me do my own process. It’s been a ball. He checked in a few times and loved everything he’s heard.

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