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***Note: I think most of the ones who visit this website know these and more trivias about Matt… but here they are:***1. He was in a boy bandBack in 2001, a 22-year-old Matthew – who we already know is fair of face, dulcet-toned and nimble-footed – decided his destiny lay in the world of all-singing, all-dancing, all-male music. The wannabe joined ill-fated boy band LMNT (pronounced ‘element’ by the initiated, but referred to as ‘lament’ by Matt himself) – although, unless you were one of their 12 fans, you wont remember this. “It was the worst year of my life,” says Matt, “You know when you’re a performer and you’re out there on stage and you’re embarrassed that you’re doing something wrong. It was pretty bad.”2. He’s making an albumIt’s no secret that Matt’s been blessed with some pretty impressive vocal stylings, so we can’t say we’re surprised that, after the phenomenal success of the Glee soundtracks in the music charts, Mr. Morrison has recorded his debut solo album, set to hit shelves next month. “It’s going to be different. I would consider it a classier Justin Timberlake album,” he said. “It’s going to be me and a big orchestra, but also with beats.”3. He was far from a geek at high schoolAs well as being a big nuts Jock, popular Matt was elected Prom King and President of his high school. We wonder if he ever threw a Slushy in a Gleek’s direction…?4. He’s a big Ethan Hawke fanThe one star that Matthew would “drop everything to go see” is actor Ethan Hawke. In fact, Matt admits to watching the movie The Goonies about once a month.5. He was a Broadway sensationPre-Glee, the all-singing, all-dancing Matt was a big hit on the boards. He starred in much-celebrated musicals South Pacific and Hairspray, and even received a Tony nomination for his role in The Light in the Piazza.6. He’s starred with a FriendMatt made his movie debut in saucy comedy film Marci X opposite Lisa Kudrow – AKA Phoebe in Friends. Critics described the flick as “too thin for feature-length, while the jokes are socially outdated and clueless,” Ouch. Sorry we missed that one…7. He engaged in a junior ‘m

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