Matthew Morrison, best known as Will Schuester – Mr Schue, director of the school singing club in TV’s Glee – suggests I run my fingers through his hair. I am conscious that Gleeks, as Glee fans are known, would give almost anything to be in my shoes. I had asked why his eccentric tonsorial style – think post-hurricane Jedward – is almost a character in its own right in the show, and the butt of unrelenting jokes from his nemesis, and cheerleading coach at McKinley High, Sue Sylvester.‘I don’t trust a man with curly hair’, she once told him. ‘I can’t help picturing a small bird laying sulphurous eggs in there and I find it disgusting’.He confides a beauty secret that millions of girl fans have been dying to know and one that, in the interests of fearless reportage, I have to pass on. ‘I actually squirt body lotion on my hair. Feel it, it’s soft,’ says Morrison. His hair is, indeed, a thing of wonder, I can tell you. It is thick, curly on top and springy. ‘I was using gel or products for a little while, and one day I ran out of them when I was at college, and body lotion was the only thing there so I put it on my hair and it was like: “Oh, this is great.” ’Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch), thinks it is his worst feature. ‘Your hair’s a brier patch and little racist elves live in there,’ is one line he recalls her telling him. But there were even more personal attacks. ‘So you like show tunes. It doesn’t mean you’re gay, it just means you’re awful.’ Poor Mr Schue. He veers between hapless and naive, but usually ends up inspirational and triumphant. Not too far from the real Matthew Morrison, I am to discover. Glee, with its mix of slickly performed show tunes and rock classics sung by the Glee Club members, along with a razor-sharp script, has become a global TV phenomenon. It’s back next Thursday on Sky 1 and the cast had an eight-week break before filming the third series. Despite speculation he is returning to the Broadway stage, where his career began, Morrison, 32, says he’s sticking with Glee for now. He admits he is considering movie roles and you sense there is a restlessness starting to develop. On this series he wants to stretch his creative wings and try his hand at directing a show. ‘I’ve learnt a lot from my time at Glee. Directors come and go and to see the good ones and what they do and to see the bad ones and what they do, I think I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve a good wealth of knowledge to try my hand at it.’When you’re a star of Morrison’s status rumours tend to follow you around, especially in the area of romance. He’s adept at batting them away, in particular anything to do with Gwyneth Paltrow, who guest starred on Glee as the frisky teacher Holly Holiday. When Morrison was in London earlier this year, he dined with her at the Michelin-starred Locanda Locatelli restaurant. You couldn’t help feeling that afterwards they were playing to the gallery. She left alone with a scarf over her face. He left lying flat on the back seat of his limo. They both turned up at the Grosvenor House hotel for late-night drinks. ‘Gwyneth has become such a great friend of mine and someone I look up to. Although she’s an Oscar winner, she’s the most down-to-earth, humble person.’ He scoffs at the notion of any romance. It’s a line he’s perfected. And that may be the problem with Morrison. He’s as slick in real life as he is on TV, guarding any probing with well-rehearsed efficiency. Mr Schue’s love affairs are rather tragic. Is Morrison commitment-phobic in real life? There have been pictures of him kissing Kelly Brook and U.S. sitcom star Olivia Munn, but no word of a recent long-term girlfriend. ‘I’m scared to bring people into this world. I don’t know what girl would want that attention. ‘Certain women definitely would want the fame thing, but that’s not the kind of woman I want.’I run through a further list of reported girlfriends. Holly Branson? ‘We were leaving something and there were a load of paparazzi. I’ve never even had a conversation with her.’ And Princess Beatrice? ‘I know her because I’m really good friends with her boyfriend Dave Clark. Actually, I went to the Royal Lodge in Windsor where they live. Prince Andrew and Fergie were there.’ The mind boggles at Andrew being a Glee fan, though you can imagine it of Fergie. ‘Kelly Brook is a friend of mine,’ adds Morrison. ‘I went out with her a couple of times. And who was the other one?’ Olivia Munn. They were seen kissing at a hockey match. ‘Just a friend.’ No love interest? ‘Not now…’ he mumbles. ‘People say women must throw themselves at me. No. People are intimidated, or I don’t get out enough because I’m not getting thrown at. I work so much I’m never in the position where I can really get to know anyone.’Morrison himself is now part of the highest echelons of the showbiz fraternity. He’s met President Obama half a dozen times at formal functions. ‘I sang at the White House for Christmas. There was a reception line afterwards where he shakes everyone’s hands and he goes (shouts out) “Matthew!” and gave me a big hug, so I think we’re on good terms now.’Elton John’s a friend – he appeared on Morrison’s album, as did Sting – and, of course, Paltrow, who recorded Somewhere Over The Rainbow with him. That’s the power of Glee, elevating Morrison from Broadway also-ran to global fame and a mega income bracket. He’s coy about his earnings, but has been able to buy a gated house in Los Angeles, to keep out invading fans and prying photographers, and an apartment in Manhattan. You can see why he’s not quite ready to leave Glee yet.Source

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